Friday, March 22, 2013

v0.12 is Live!

My work with r3drunner has finally paid off, and we have a brand new GUI for MVOL! :3 Included are new buttons for options and help, to accommodate our new Autosave feature! More on that in a second. The new scene [Offer Yourself] is live, but unfinished-- there's still more to be added to it, though you should find plenty to enjoy as it is :3 Finally, an option for folks that just want to leave it up to Lith-- although it's still up to you to get him in the mood for whatever you, ah, want him to want :P

And finally, Lith has the option for breasts available! There's not a whole lot written into the old scenes for it, as I only slipped it in where it really fit the flow of the narrative, but you should expect a lot more content with lithtits worked in from here on! Also, while working on the save files feature, I've found how to move the save location-- all MVOL games from now on will save to a central folder on your computer instead of on all sorts of different ones, so your save file should be a lot more persistent, whether you're moving the game around, changing its filename, or even playing v0.13 when it comes out!

As for autosave-- it's set up to use what used to be slot 7 as the spot it automatically saves your current game every time you return to the main scene. You can make it save every less often in the options menu, or you can turn it off altogether. If you're one of those savvy fellows that imports your files from old version to new ones manually, please note: you'll need to add "MVOL_" to the front of each folder when you move it up to the root folder, and you may want to copy your slot 7 file somewhere else before autosave overwrites it.

Also, with the addition of [Offer Yourself], I've taken the opportunity to rearrange the menu a little. Several underused options now have a home in the new [Self...] menu, and this leave the main scene's options looking that much cleaner :3

If you've played through all the new content and want to discuss it or give me feedback, as ever, I encourage you to come visit us on the forums! :3 There's a spoilerific thread waiting for you for folks to discuss the new content in Feedback, and we're always ready to help in the Guides & Help section if you're having trouble accessing all of it.

And a final addition, for those kind donators out there: first of all, thank you again for your support! :3 I received some very generous donations since the last release, so much so that I was surprised and a little embarrassed. So, as thanks for those ridiculously generous souls out there, I've already sent out complimentary copies of MVOL v0.12+ to everyone that was so unbearably kind as to donate 25 dollars or more since the last release. I think I'll make this an ongoing thing! :3 If I missed you, please email me and let me know, it should already be in your inbox!

That's it! If you haven't already, pop over to the "Play the Game!" tab, download  yourself a copy, and enjoy! :3


  1. How many possibilities are there in the "offer yourself" tree? I've found two naughty scenes and one gropey one so far.

  2. Old Saves ARE NOT compatable with 0.12

  3. Having fun messing around with female Lith but I have noticed a bit of a glitch. In the feel up scene it starts out fine, mentioning cathood and everything else that would elude to a female Lith but about 1/4th the way through it mentions you reaching down and cradling her sack and quickly switches over to male Lith's feel up scene. Just hoping to help ^.^

    Love the game!

    1. Oh wait I understand. As I play further into female Lith I see that you just haven't had the opportunity to write any scene that actually changes the mention of a penis to a vagina, understandable. Sorry for what I thought was a bug.

    2. Pffft hahaha!
      I just thought you had to choose between gay or futa! Can't wait for that update!

  4. I really need to start reading tutorials in games...