Sunday, October 20, 2013

Progress and a Tease

Another chunk written up. I swear I'm not playing favorites, but I'm pretty sure one of the three routes is going to come out a good deal heavier text-wise in this update. Can you guess which one??


40% of the base required content for v0.14 complete! And now, a five-word preview from today's writing:

          You've hired my skills at

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where are We Now?

Hello, folks! My friends in the chat room, and the comments on FA, and just about everywhere, tell me I should hurry up and make another blog post, even if I'm ashamed of how little progress I've made with the game so far. Yes, the game is still going, though dreadfully slow in its pace for a variety of reasons of varying validity. As for how far along it is toward the next update... well, that's a bit tricky. I have one large goal for this next update, to release the first chunk of the new story. To be honest, I'm expecting this next step to be pretty controversial, and I wouldn't be surprised if some people are disappointed with it. The real payoff will be long in coming, as this is the first step toward an actual full on story and ending.

So my dilemma is: the story itself needs setting up, but this initial stage may be frustrating. There's a good-sized chunk of side content that I'm also looking at developing, however-- less story, more treats. So I can either set my goal for just getting this first chunk of story done and out, or I can push to include some goodies as well to make it a nice overall update. Looking back to my previous posts, I resolved to make smaller, more rapid updates, but obviously, the rapid part hasn't worked out so well so far. That said, for now, I'll be estimating my progress according to the minimal requirements for the next version, if only to lend myself some small sense of accomplishment and the accompanying sanity. So, to the progress bar!


30% Completion! I've spent a while trying to get it all straight in my head, but yes, one of the three main routes is just about complete for this chunk of the story. As I've mentioned before, the three collars serve a specific purpose in the future of this game: they delineate the three primary paths the plot can take once it's underway. This reflects the three main styles of relationship you can have with Lith. A lot of people want to make dominant Lith a fourth path, but I see it more as an overlay for the other paths. Of course, in some areas, this will break down Lith's behavior with you into six or nine possibilities rather than three, but such is the grave I've dug myself. As ever, I thank you all for your support, and I hope you enjoy the new version when it finally arrives! I'll try to post again soon!