Monday, May 27, 2013

Poll's Closed!

The poll's results have been pretty clear for a while now, which is a refreshing change ^.^; I used a new poll system this time because the Blogspot default poll seemed to be buggier than a roach motel, so it didn't include an actual close date, but I do believe the poll has gotten all the entries it really needs for a clear answer.

It's all about the attitude, apparently. Poor boobs...
I've already gotten to work adding more variations for attitude to the game, largely focusing on variants for Lith's dominant side, as I assume that's what's drawn a lot of the vote ^.^; Work has been intermittent, and slogging through all the game's code making small changes here and there has always been slower work 6.6; The funny bit is, a lot of these changes will probably be unnoticeable on their own, but hopefully overall they'll make a noticeable change :3 Progress!


Also, if you're trying to catch other people in the chat window to the right, it may be a big help if you turn on the sound! ^.^; I didn't realize it myself until just recently, but the little triangle to the bottom left, just under the text entry box, is a sound toggle. The chat window will make a soft popping sound when someone else speaks, so you can leave the window open and know when someone else is around. I set it to turned off by default when I created it (and then forgot about it) because I didn't want this thing to be randomly making noises for people that just want to check out the rest of the blog 6.6; So, hopefully that helps! :3 Hope to have more news for you soon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Let's Get Started...

After spending a while chipping away at my commissions, I feel like I'm ready to work with Lith some more :3 I've spent some time looking at exactly what I want to achieve with v0.13, and a lot of it is really up in the air at this point. My big goal with this version is basically to finish up my horizontal expansion of the game before jumping back into the story! So that means finishing up the [Offer Yourself] scene and anything else I think I'll have time to include from the stuff in that "What would you like to see?" poll a while back. She-Lith is in the game, and subby Lith is stable, though I've still got some plans for adding more scenes specific to it, but there are a few things I'm still prodding at.

One addition that jumped out at me looking over my notes is that Vagina/No Dick support for the avatar may be approaching a playable state! I've written a lot of it into the game already, but becaus it wasn't complete enough to show up consistently, I've labeled it Alpha content, meaning only donators with cheat-enabled copies can access it. I'll have to go through and double-check a lot of scenes to make sure, and this may be an overly optimistic estimate at this point, but we may have V/ND avatars ready for the public for v0.13 ^.^;

The other addition I'm considering is More Detail. It ranked 2 out of 7 on the survey, with a healthy margin behind it, so I know you guys are pretty interested. The problem is that it's tough to go back through my old work and try to add things while keeping the narrative flowing smoothly-- sometimes it feels like taking my perfect child and chopping off a part to stitch something else in, or something similarly morbid. So it's, ah, tricky! With that in mind, I figured it was high time I asked people just what they're looking for-- what details do you want me going back and adding to old scenes to make the game more rewarding for the decisions you, in particular, have made?

And, to clarify, a brief list:
Species - Include more mention of what species you're playing.
Endowment - Spice up sexual scenes with more references to the size of your dick.
Boobs - Make sure to mention both the avatar's and Lith's breasts more often whenever it should happen to be appropriate.
Knots - Put more emphasis on the presence and implications of knots for fox and wolf avatars.
Attitude - Add more variance to how Lith and the avatar act and speak to each other in less sexual scenes according to how nice or naughty the avatar is and how dominant Lith may be.

Choose the things you feel like there just isn't enough of in the game, and I'll do my best to enrich your playing experience accordingly! ~3~ In the meantime, things are finally, albeit slowly, coming into motion again.


v0.13 is a ways off, and I'll be honest, I'm more excited about getting back into the story again! It will make for quite a change of pace, and hopefully will satisfy a lot of folks that have been howling for all sorts of things that have been impractical up to this point :3 So to that extent, I'm hoping right along with you that v0.13 comes out soon ^.^; Fingers crossed!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sex Zombies!

Well, the poll seems to be coming out with a rather quiet response, so I won't make a big deal of this 6.6; But I've just posted an installment to the only story project I'm currently working on just for myself! Which theoretically makes it a step above writing that I do at someone else's request ~.~;

You can check out 27 Days After at SoFurry and FurAffinity. It's the third installment in a Halloween-themed series centering around a bizarre disease that spreads through fluids and transforms people into huge, muscular, hypersexualized dudes and herms that immediately go on a sex rampage! Follow the story from the beginning to see our protagonist's first harrowing encounter with the creatures, and the horrible aftermath in later chapters...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Stories?

Game development has been on a bit of a hiatus-- a cooldown, perhaps, after the frenzy leading up to release, while I tackled some of my other writing projects. I just released a commissioned sketch story on FA and SF on Monday, and an idea was mentioned on the forums.

I've considered discussing my other writing endeavors on the blog, or forming a separate blog, to help keep folks updated on my stories as an alternative to the standard furry sites. I'm uncertain how much interest, if any, there would be in such information, however-- indeed, I wouldn't want to clutter up the blog with news people aren't even interested in, when they're anxiously awaiting some sign of the next version's impending release. I also played with the idea of posting another mirror for my stories, either on the forum or on my website (once it becomes more than a blog), to possibly serve as a central hub for browsing and discussing my less interactive written works. As with many of these things, I allowed a mixture of shyness and skepticism to rein me in, and the ideas had been discarded.

But in the awkward interlude of silence, it occurs to me that news on other projects might not go entirely amiss with my readers and players, if only to show that the blog is alive, and perhaps to raise awareness of my other literary exploits. So I'll pose the question to you! Take the survey to the right if you dare, and we will see how much interest --or opposed interest-- is invested in expanding the blog's purpose and/or starting an independent archive for my stories. I have the final say on these things, of course-- but the purpose is to see what you all want! I wouldn't want to add all these things only to find it annoys more than helps, or that it goes entirely unnoticed. Tell me your thoughts! :3