Sunday, September 2, 2018

v0.36 is Live!

Check the Play the Game tab above to try the new version now!

Lots to talk about with this version! Also, toward the end I'll get into some personal news fans might be interested in. The big addition with v0.36 is: the beginning of the game's final chapter is open! Right now you can only choose one "route" as it's all that's playable from beginning to end, but it's enough to give you a lot of clues for what's yet to come and how the game may, on a larger scale, conclude.

Along with that, I've made a number of smaller additions, for which I'll give hints. There's one obvious ramification after completing the last chapter, and new content has been added to an existing setup to reflect that. Also, a number of small bits have been added that all fall under one category and can be found in one place, for a little harmless silliness. Lastly, an alternate has been added for a scene that I've seen become something of a running joke, to finally acknowledge when the timing just gets... weird.

And of course, two new pieces of art have been added! Both focus on when you push Lith too hard, but not in the way you think. One requires a certain piece of anatomy for you, and one was a more recent scene added to accommodate when you don't have that same piece. Both are pre-collar content. Happy hunting!

Also worth noting: I've just added a ton of new rewards to my Patreon! Make sure to check it out and see if I can't tempt you, I've taken a lot of feedback from my fans on the things they'd love to see from me and tried to make it a thoroughly enticing (and rather large) selection.

Now, I've already mentioned this next bit of news on my Patreon explaining why this release came a little later than I'd planned, but I'm gonna go a step further with it here. The big personal news for me is, I've moved to Portland, Oregon! This move is at the center of a whole mess of problems and challenges I've been dealing with that has made it hard to focus on the game at times, but I'm finally settling in, and hopefully things will be better soon, leaving me better able to focus on MVOL than ever.

Now, if you've been following me for a long time, you probably know I don't tend to talk about myself much. I tend to have a strong belief in anonymity on the internet, maybe bordering on paranoia. But at this point, I have to admit the internet is a huge part of my life. You guys are all a huge part of my life!

So I'm trying to put myself out there, a step at a time. It's been a long time since I've lived in Portland, and I don't really know anybody here. If any of you live in or around Portland, drop me a line! I'd love to get in touch with the local furry community and meet some more fans in person. Just don't take it personally if I'm still a little guarded, this is all pretty much virgin territory for me.

My email is always open, and you can also find me on Twitter, or of course, join our Discord server! Get in touch, or just join the fanbase and meet others that like this game!

Thank you, everyone, for reading this rambly mess, and for playing my game! I hope the new update's got you excited!