Thursday, December 26, 2013

Surprise, Sex!

Things slowed down a bit working on the game, as you may have noticed. A nasty crossing between my netbook and a thermos full of tea gave me a scare, but that wasn't the primary cause. As is my greatest boon and burden, I refuse to write if I don't think I can do the piece justice at the moment, especially when it comes to this game. The section I'm working on right now is coming out differently than I expected, to be honest-- and a deal longer. The process is pretty organic, and while I have goals and plans, I leave myself a lot of room to improvise according to what sounds right, like what would actually happen.

So what does that mean? It means that, even though I thought this update was actually going to have very little sex in it, embarrassingly enough, a big sex scene has sprouted up, and I'm struggling with keeping the word count down for this section. Partly because it's already pretty lengthy, and partly because it makes the other sections all the more imbalanced. I was chewing on it a while deciding if I wanted to go back and cut stuff, but at this point, I'm thinking I'll take this where it needs to go, and go back to add in some more to the shorter section if necessary-- or maybe as part of v0.15, just to get v0.14 out the door already.


With all that said, I'm tentatively marking another notch on the progress. Hopefully, there isn't much more actual writing to be done, and the last 20% should be putting all the pieces together in the game and getting it running, then proofing it out. If you're on my proofing list, it may be time to start easing out of your comas. If you're not on my proofing list, consider helping out! My pool of proofers is still embarrassingly small, and who knows how many are still alive for this round ^.^; I end up finding out about a lot of errors and typos well after release, and I want to snatch up as many as I can ahead of time!

Either way, I appreciate your patience, everyone :3 I'm still pretty nervous about how folks are going to take all the crazy new stuff going on, so part of me is in no rush to see all this released x3 But released it must be! I have so much more story to tell you. So for now, I'll leave you with an obscene little teaser for the new stuff written up just tonight! :3

"p-please, use me too! I-- there-- there's still room! If you get underneath...!" His face is bright scarlet as he lifts one leg, shaking on the edge of balance to demonstrate the open space below him and reveal the tight, pink hole between his cheeks, apparently thinking he can manage the both of them side by side...