Friday, March 18, 2016

v0.21 is Live!

If you haven't played the new version, click Play The Game! on the tabs above!

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Lots of new little things in this version, some you may notice more quickly than others! But first off, the big things. Two new endings have been added, which cap off the Pink Collar version of the Stone Door. This means that the Black Collar Stone Door's second branch for Chapter Three is the only part waiting to be completed! Each ending has its own achievement, as usual. Along with that, the Wooden Door has a new scene for those who like to question their existence, as well as a handful of small accommodating scenes to help you figure out how to progress.

That's the main progress in the plot with this update! The first thing you might notice, though, is that the game now has sound! I'm experimenting with having a keypress sound, and it's just a little bit dynamic. Not entirely by coincidence, the game also puts a limiter on pressing keys too rapidly now, and a few small changes have rippled off of that. The sound can be muted with a button on the left, or you can change the volume by going to the Options menu. Now, the second thing you might notice, especially if you're an art enthusiast, is that the game has once again received an overall improvement to the art! This, combined with the latest art asset added to the game (only one this time, on account of it being so crazy awesome) and the new sounds have kinda sorta tripled the file size, though. In the future I'll be working on ways to trim that down! But for now, it should be small enough to get around in the usual ways, for the most part. Glad I've got that loading screen! Anyway, the new visual improvement should make all of the game's art look TONS better, and the general UI as well. Plus, Ruin now supports full-female Lith! There might be a reason for that.

There have been a few subtler changes as well. I've fixed a couple achievements and improved the achievement display (I think it might have looked kind of like this way back when, but with how many cheevos there are now this is definitely an improvement). Also, a much requested feature: Fullscreen is now an option in the Options menu! This should help you enjoy the art, although it won't always work depending on where and how you open it. If all else fails, download the game and run it through Flash Projector and it should have no problem. It's usually just a limit of the web page you're seeing it in, though!

Lastly, for those of you that might be supporting me on Patreon or through direct donation, the cheat-enabled version of v0.21 includes an extended preview of upcoming content. The Stone Door is not the end of MVOL, but the end of the first of three Acts in this, the second half of the game after the collars. What does Act II involve? All supporters get a sneak peek into what is to come! Along with all the other goodies you can get on my Patreon, of course.

That about covers it for v0.21! The Stone Door is almost complete! I'd like to shoot out my thanks to everyone that's supported me in this, whether financially or just with kind words. And everyone that's played the game, thank you! I know it might not seem that interesting off the bat, but I think it proves rewarding once you really get into it. And, lastly, thanks for reading through all this. I hope you enjoy the new content!