Saturday, January 6, 2018

v0.32 is Live!

Go to the Play the Game tab above to play it now!

So I called last update the Teaser Update, because it opened the third trip through the Glass Door up, but when you played through it, you saw lots of choices and possibilities that just weren't available. Well, I've finally filled in a few of those options-- specifically, I filled in three, though the pink collar one is probably the meatiest by far. Each collar now has one "deal with the problem" option unique to their respective desires and strengths.

And at the same time, this update is also a teaser in its own way! There's one new(ish) item to be found through the Wooden Door, but you can only use it once, despite how much you might want to use it again. Still, I hope you guys will dig the new content and its implications-- I've been getting requests for a certain option for quite some time, and this is the best way I can personally see to fulfill that desire.

Besides the new writing, there are also two new pieces of art I'm very proud to have procured-- I think that this update may have the best art out of any so far. I've been having a lot of trouble with commissioning art on the level I'd like for the game, and I think in this particular case I mostly just got lucky, but I'm certainly hoping I can keep it going. One of the pieces is the final part in completing a trifecta that you'd think I could've gotten all done at once, but I'm glad I didn't. The other is a treat for when you're in an especially compromising situation, and I actually had to split up the scene into two separate pages to put it in, as it already had art installed for its introduction rather than its... conclusion.

Lastly, I got in touch with the amazing Mz Nite, who has done a ton of art for MVOL including the new portrait in the corner, to see about getting a series of adjustments and improvements made to fine tune that very piece. Her original art for the portrait was absolutely beautiful, but it was rendered at a much higher resolution than you actually see in the game, and shrinking the art made some details difficult to see. So I worked with her on a lot of small improvements, especially with Lith's mouth, to make his face clearer and the changes in his emotions easier to judge on the standard 800x600 resolution game. I hope you'll have a much easier time telling just what Lith thinks now!

Along with that, though, we added a couple small pieces to his portrait that I think make a huge difference. Going through the doors, you should notice a more dramatic change that I think really helps highlight that sense that something strange is going on, and that there's a very strong, sudden transition between the void and the insides of the doors. Overall I think the portrait is a ton better with this update, especially for people playing the standard version of the game (or goodness forbid, the compressed versions I have to use on e6 and FA D:).

This update also marks my big push to put my new Discord for MVOL out there! I opened it to my patrons for a while first to test it out, and I think it's gone pretty well, but I'd love to make it a space for all the people that enjoy my game to come together and help each other and maybe make new friends. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to check it out!

That's all I had to go over today. Lots of little things in this update, working our way through the final stage of the Glass Door before it's time to get ready for MVOL's final chapter! Thank you all for being part of this adventure with me, for reading all my ramblings, and for playing my game. I hope you enjoy!