Why Donate?

My Very Own Lith is my personal project. I've created the game in its entirety from scratch, scavenging code piecemeal from other folks' code to fulfill my vision of what I thought would be an interesting and compelling game. I have a lot of ideas and plans for improving and expanding this game, and beyond that, I've been hearing a lot of requests and desires from my players that make me suspect that a new game, set on a larger scale, could do very well at some point down the line, once MVOL has reached its conclusion. With all this in mind, I have a few suggestions for why you should (or shouldn't) consider donating to help out.

Reasons to Donate

Every donator will receive an exclusive copy of MVOL+

MVOL+ is the cheat-enabled version of My Very Own Lith. This will allow the player to explore the game in a more direct, "page-by-page" fashion, like flipping through your choose-your-own-adventure book to see what you might have missed-- or going directly to the page you like most. You'll also be able to change such variables as your species and endowment and Lith's familiarity with you and mood on the fly through a special set of items. Obviously, these items would allow you to access the game's stages in many ways not originally intended, so there will likely be come glitches along the way, and achievements will not be available for an MVOL+ file. If you are interested in exploring the game in a new fashion, or don't care for the challenging roundabout way of approaching some content, you can play the latest version of the game with cheats by making a donation of any size! Your game will be sent to the email you donate from within 24 hours, and usually within minutes. And yes, this will include an Android copy!
PLUS:  If you donate at least 25 dollars, you'll receive a copy of the current version of MVOL+ as well as a copy of the next version the very instant it comes out, if not a little sooner!

Support the developer of the game!

I've sunk a good deal of time into developing this game, from whipping up the interface and graphics to learning and refining the programming language to writing up scene after scene with alternates and smoothly integrated acknowledgements for each player's choices, to endless bug fixing and refining of the game's functions to provide a more consistent and enjoyable experience. It has been a very interesting and very challenging process, but it simply hasn't done anything to help pay my bills. At any given time, I have a stack of commissions waiting-- customers that have paid me to write a story to their specifications. It's hard for me to justify spending time and energy on this game when I have paying people waiting on me. If you want this game to become a more constant occupation of my time, turn it into a pursuit that keeps a roof over my head as well as smiles on people's faces.

Show your appreciation for the game

If you feel like you've gotten enough enjoyment out of this game to be worth some spare change, send it this way. I don't intend to ever charge for the game in any way-- it's your decision if you think it's worth your money.

Fuel the future development of MVOL

 If you want more, and you want it now, money is a much more concrete way to encourage me to move forward with this game and keep expanding. If you have high hopes for what this game can be, help me fulfill them. Further, if writing this game proves to be a well-paid endeavor, I'll be encouraged to broaden my horizons and start working on a new, larger game beyond MVOL. Right now, it's only a dream, a few ideas in the back of my mind, but if, with the help of kind donators, I could actually make a living as an erotic game designer? I think that we could make a good deal of folks very happy.

Donate on behalf of those who can't.

A lot of folks simply can't donate. They have no way to transfer money digitally, or they're just on hard times, but they've enjoyed this game. If you've a few extra dollars or pounds or what have you lying around and you think it's nice to have a game out there, free for everyone with an internet connection, you can send a donation in place of those who might like to, but simply can't. Call it good karma.

Reasons Not to Donate

If this game's content doesn't appeal to you as it stands

There's not much reason to donate. I know MVOL is a bit niche, and that is its strength and its weakness at once. Some players seem to think this game is on the verge of becoming a massive creature addressing every imaginable fetish in every combination of species and gender, and while I am planning to expand the game's options, this game is never going to be on the same scale as, say, Fenoxo's Corruption of Champions. If that's the kind of game you want, then I encourage you to donate to Fenoxo.

If you don't have any means to donate

There isn't much helping it. I'd be happy to discuss other options if you'd like to donate in some other way, by other means or donating your time and energy in some way to the project, and I'd absolutely encourage you to email me at lithiers@gmail.com. If nothing else, a few kind words is always helpful, and if you tell your friends about MVOL, you can expand the player base for this game and potentially help bring more funds to the game as well!

If you expect donating to give you the right to demand changes

I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. I'm developing this game to be both an engaging and accurate simulation of Lith. I want to make this game better, and I have a lot of ideas on how to do that-- but turning the game into something else entirely is not one of them. I enjoy hearing folks' ideas, and many of them have influenced my vision of the future, but I believe that the most important factor in making this game a well-crafted and enjoyable experience is and will always be that it is wholly my creation, designed precisely how I want it to be. I write my best material when I am in sole control of what I am writing, and I will not compromise because a few voices want something different. No money will change that. Donate only if you have confidence in me as a game designer.

If you want to donate, follow the link in the sidebar to the right, or click here!

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