Friday, November 20, 2015

v0.19 is up!

Check the Play the Game tab above to play now!

So this is my first time pushing to make a new version in just two months! It feels strange, but I think I like it. It'll probably be better for the game in the long run going a little faster. This was all brought about by the folks on the Patreon, so big thanks to them! Even if Patreon did just change how it displays funds so it looks like I didn't hit my goal xP

This time around, I decided to push for more variety in the new content rather than just slamming out tons of Stone Door content. There's still one full decision branch for the Stone Door that's been added, with all its choices available, but along with that, I've opened the Wooden Door to continuous play! There isn't a whole lot in there just yet, but the foundation is set for more content to come!

Past that, I've added achievements for several new endings, and I've updated the achievement notification system to hopefully make it a little easier to see a notice for your achievements even if you have to load another file to get to the screen where they pop up.

There are two new pieces of art, one being a whole new spread of little guys for illustrating the character creation process. The other is pretty easy to find if you go down the black collar path.

A couple scenes in the game have had a bunch of variants added to make them a richer, more personally rewarding read. Hopefully you won't really notice any difference, they'll just feel a little more special to you each time you read them! Plus, for the supporter version, vagina/nodick support has been added to all of Bend Him Over. We're getting pretty close to having enough content for V/ND to go public!

Lastly, for higher-level supporters on the Patreon, a bunch of new reward content has been added! There is now a Deluxe version of MVOL with double the dimensions of the original game so you can enjoy it on a big screen with full-resolution art and less stretching! And for the very top tier, supporters can give me a name of their choice, and I'll code it directly into the game to give them a personal copy in which Lith knows their name. There are lots of other rewards on the Patreon as well, we've unlocked all sorts of stuff!

When I knew I was going to be pushing to get the game out in just two months, when I'd already felt like I was pushing myself to make it happen in three, I was worried there wouldn't be enough content. But I think handling it like this, with more variety of additions, helps a lot. It lets me work on different things when I'm in different moods, and it helps make sure that everyone has something to enjoy, and for those that enjoy everything, there's lots of stuff to do.

I should note that this update may be the saddest one we've had so far. There will be happier days (and endings) to come, but consider playing the new content in moderation. One area in particular, through the wooden door, I very much consider optional content. If this doesn't sound like something you'd enjoy exploring, I fully encourage you to skip it. My Very Own Lith can and will make you uncomfortable at times, but this is one time that I won't blame anyone for passing it by.

With all that said, it's awesome to be on v0.19. I remember back in the day, I jumped to v0.10 when there was a big milestone in what the game offered! I feel like v0.20 should do something similar, but I'm not sure what just yet. I guess you guys will have to wait to find out! Until then, I hope you enjoy the new update! Thanks for reading, everyone!