Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Pictures!

Hey folks! As you may have noticed, I've rearranged the blog a little. Some of the smaller tabs were consolidated into a new FAQ that will likely be expanding with time, and there's now a Fan Art section! There's not a lot there, but you should definitely check out what we've got ^.^ Hopefully that'll be growing soon too!

And speaking of art, I've been working with a volunteer artist for a while now. We're still working out Lith's look for the moment, but we're hoping to eventually draft a whole new face for Lith in the game! Gone will be the ugly lil chibi-face I made eight versions or so ago. Want a preview? Here's a preliminary sketch! We're still working on nailing everything down, but this is our start :3

And in other news, the game is coming along half-decently at the moment! [Offer Yourself] has been completed, and it's looking like vagina/nodick support for the avatar will finally be coming to public beta for everyone to try out! :3


And on that note, I need playtesters! If you think you might be interested in helping improve the game, I now have a full page right here detailing everything it involves and how to get started! It's not easy, but it does get you sneak peeks at the game weeks before it's fully available, as long as you take it seriously! Take a look, and if you think you're up to it, join us in making MVOL the best it can be! :3