Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Hunt Begins...

It's time to give Lith a new face! I'm planning on commissioning an artist to draw up a new face for Lith to put in the game and finally replace that silly old cartoon I sketched up for him so very long ago. The only question is, who do I go to for one of the most important graphical elements in the game-- the single visual representation of Lith himself?

There's a lot of possibilities out there! So I'm taking suggestions from all of you-- I wanna know who you think could draw Lith the best! :3 The topic is live on the forum, ready to catalog every suggestion in one handy place, and I'm hoping to find the perfect match somewhere out there! It could be a huge name, or a tiny one, but I want the perfect fit, and the search starts here. Bring me names! And wish me luck ^.^;

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