Fan Art

A few folks have been kind enough to draw Lith for me! If you're interested in adding your work to the collection or if you've drawn one of these pieces and would like to change the info/links provided for it, please drop by the forum or email me!

Well, this isn't exactly fan art, but there's a small bundle of pictures I've compiled as something of an official portfolio of Lith's appearance on the forum! If you want to get a better idea of what Lith looks like, and especially if you want to try drawing him yourself, this is the place to go! ^.^
Nights Crimson made a whole series of images you can find on his blog! Adorable!

Stripedsocks posted this on the forum. I thought it was beautiful ^.^ We're all hoping she'll stop by and share with us again :3

...And then she did! x3 So fluffy!