Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hey, folks! Well, I went and let the blog slip a bit. Last month I was mostly tackling other projects, but I did manage to finish the other black collar stone door path up to the stopping point v0.16 established. I'm hoping to get the other pink collar route done and push on into the next and final stage of the stone door for at least some of the paths in time for v0.17 in June. I'm not sure yet what else I'll be packing in there. I'm hoping to start ramping up work on the game, though last week was pretty rough for me and I didn't get a lot done. With that said, I have at least made some progress with the next update:


I'm hoping to put a lot more in there before it's ready, so I'm calling it just 20% right now. If you'd like to get more reliable information on what's going on with me, you can follow me on Twitter at @Lithiers where I'm trying out announcing each time I get some writing done, even if I can't go into the specifics about it, and I'm still updating my personal blog three times a week, even if I did end up a day late with my most recent post xP Sometimes it's previews of things I've written but not yet released, sometimes it's a thorough and formally composed exploration of a certain topic, often related to philosophy or writing, and sometimes it's the wild ranting of my barely conscious self, asking questions or blathering about something I care about. If you have the time for a little extra reading, I've been told it's been enjoyable overall.

And speaking of projects I can't speak of, I've recently been engaged in a new and very interesting Project X. I was partly putting off a new post because I was hoping I could properly announce it sooner, but things have been delayed a couple weeks, so for now, I think it's better if I wait. Keep your eyes and ears open, though, as hopefully I'll have some pretty cool news for you guys soon! :3

Friday, April 3, 2015

Balance update!

I've been getting a lot of feedback on the game with the new release, and I went ahead and went through some parts of the game trying to track down problem areas. The new scale of effect for changing stats did cause a few problems, so I've made some adjustments for that, and I've worked to make pink and blue collars work a little better as well as make dominant Lith a little easier to achieve. I look forward to seeing how these changes affect the gameplay and getting more feedback from you all :3

To get the update, go to your download location of choice, open the game in your browser, and force refresh it. This may require ctrl+F5 or something else depending on your browser. That should get you the newest copy ^.^ Happy gaming!

Friday, March 27, 2015

v0.16 is Live!

Head to the 'Play the Game' tab to check it out!

It feels good to hit the schedule! I would have liked to have gotten it out a little further from the deadline, but with how little time I gave myself from deciding to make this happen, I guess it's not surprising I needed all I could get. I would have really liked to at least fully complete this step in the stone door story --I cannot imagine how many times over the next three months I will have to explain the missing piece-- but I have to accept that a degree of regularity is important, and this this will push me on to set stronger, more solid and more achievable goals for the future.

So! The update's big addition is the second trip through the stone door. Every collar will be able to return to that place, but not every combination of collar and choice from the first visit. Two out of the six possibilities are unavailable for this version. These choices will continue to be important for the rest of the stone door, so if you haven't already, now may be a good time to make some save files following either choice, if you want to see every bit of what's available as it comes out!

The second addition is my mysterious "bonus." I'm pretty pleased to finally include it, and I hope to be adding more in the future. I was actually surprised with how little it increased the game's file size, so that's great. My last hint is that you'll find it early on in the game. Don't worry too much about missing it-- I've added a small system upgrade for making sure experienced players don't miss certain important events in the game :3

I still feel like this update could have done more, been larger, but as I mentioned, it's half the size in new text of the v0.15 update-- but delivered in one quarter the time. That's certainly an improvement, and much more in line with my new resolution to offer smaller, more rapid updates! The next update is scheduled to come out in June, and I hope that with the full three months scheduled out ahead of me, I should be able to pack a lot more in!

I hope you enjoy the new content, everyone, and thanks for playing!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ready and Waiting...

It was a bit close, but v0.16 is complete, on schedule! I sent out advance copies two days ago to everyone that donated $25 or more to v0.15, and I plan to make the public release next weekend. If you just can't bear to wait until then, though, as of this journal you can donate any amount to get your own advance copy of v0.16 with cheats enabled! And, of course, if you donate $25 or more that will put you on the list to get a copy of v0.17+ ahead of everyone else.

Also, the TagIt sale is still going over on SoFurry and FurAffinity! If there's any themes or kinks you've been wanting to see me write about, now's the time to put your money where your wishlist is and make me write about them! Also, I'd like to clarify that buying multiple tags is allowed, and that you don't have to worry about the transition to latecomer prices if you're buying them in one big bundle, just to keep it simple. I wanted to encourage some diversity, but at this point, it's more important to me that we fill all the slots so I can get to work!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

On Schedule!

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be busting it out early, but so far it looks like I'll have v0.16 ready just barely in time to send out advance copies this coming weekend to those that have donated $25 or more on v0.15, and I should have it all polished up and good to go by the weekend of the 28th for the public release. It's getting close!


My proofers have been giving me some positive feedback on the new content. There's no sex scene in this wave of content, but I hope you'll all enjoy a little more in-depth character development as the nature of the world behind the stone door really starts to set in. It's also shorter than the v0.15 update, but half the words in a quarter of the time is a pretty decent improvement, I think xP I hope you'll find it worthwhile!

Also, I've finished my first TagIt story, the one we voted on here a few months ago, and I'm getting ready to post it this coming weekend as well. Along with that, I'm getting ready to start the second TagIt, the "for realsies" one where anybody can pop in and buy a tag to make sure I'm writing about the topic of their choice in my next story! :3 If you'd like to get in on it, keep an eye out for my journals on FurAffinity and SoFurry this coming Friday!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's get this thing rolling...

I've sent out a check-in request to my proofers, so if you're on that list, please make sure you're checking your email! Similarly, if you want to help contribute to the game and get a super early sneak peek at new content while you're at it, check out the application process to become a proofer and join in. I'm not looking for people that just want early access, but those that enjoy it as a side benefit of a job well done. Take a look if you think that's you!

Now, for MVOL news. I've refined my goals for the writing I need to get done, pulled them back a little more and evened them up. It looks like the main new text content for v0.16 will be three new scenes, one for each collar. The bad news is, they're a little short and there's no real sex scene among them-- these are more for character and story development behind the stone door, working us up to the big conclusion. Now, since I jumped on this new schedule when I was already two months in, I think this may end up being a lighter update than those that will follow, where I'll have the deadline in mind from the start.

On the bright side, there's a little bit of extra content coming with this version. I won't go into specifics since I'm still working on it and I'm not sure what all will make it for this one, but I hope it'll make up a little for this version having less of "the juicy stuff" than usual.

That said, I think the writing side of things is 90% done now, so I'm bumping up the meter.


60% seems a little shy for this close to deadline, but that's mostly padded with it being lots of smaller things, each of which have the possibility to go horribly wrong. So uh, hopefully this last chunk goes smoothly and we see a release sooner rather than too close to the end of the month! Thanks, everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Spooky Stuff!

Wolves are spooky! The final Part to the first Chapter of To Own a Wolf is up on Amazon Kindle, so if you can't stand to start a story without reaching a nice conclusion, now's a great time to have a look!

But that's not the really spooky thing today. I don't know how many of you heard, but a few days ago Google announced a moratorium on adult content on blogspot. Now, I decided to refrain from flipping out and trusted that my concern with this issue would be shared with many others, and that there would be a certain amount of feedback. I could only hope that Google would listen.

Well, it looks like the other shoe came down just in time for my Friday update, thankfully. It seems that they've decided not to root up their entire adult blogging community, but rather to enforce their existing policies a little more strictly to root out people straight up selling porn on here, especially that which does not belong to them or which depicts illegal acts.

So I've gone from very concerned to... somewhat concerned. I don't believe that the MVOL blog falls into the categories they're trying to root out, but I worry that whoever they have appraising these blogs for unacceptable content will see only the sensuality and not the art of what I am trying to accomplish with My Very Own Lith.

If I am told to remove content from my blog, I will have to find somewhere else to make the new home for MVOL. I've heard good things about Tumblr. Hopefully this will all blow over without much trouble, but should such a thing happen, it may be somewhat... sudden. So I thought I'd best let you all know. Thanks, everyone, for-- oh, wait.

While I'm here, I should mention, I have been making progress with MVOL. I've been getting a better handle on just how much content the rest of the stone door will involve, and how I can pare it down to an experience that is rich and rewarding but not so extensive that it becomes overburdening for anyone trying to explore it in full (and not so colossal to write that it kills me). So between getting more writing in and adjusting my expectations to try and get ready for a release by the end of March in keeping with my new deadline goals, I'm bumping up the progress meter!


Forty percent may be conservative, but there's a few bits besides the writing that I really need to get started on, so hopefully while I've got the written content in with my proofers in mid-March I can get to work on the rest of that. Hopefully I'll have more good news for you soon!