Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hotfixes are Up!

So, had a few issues with this release! Long story short, the original release will lock you in the art gallery if you go to the second page but haven't unlocked any art there, and also the Android release was a test copy and not ready for final release.

Wherever you've downloaded the game, fixed copies should now be up! Except e6, that one's flagged for deletion but it'll take a minute, and the new version is uploaded there. The e6 version is all ugly and compressed anyway though, download a copy from the Play the Game tab!

Grab a new copy of the game and enjoy!

Friday, November 3, 2017

v0.31 is Live!

Get your copy now under the Play the Game tab above! Having trouble? Check the FAQ for a guide on making SWFs work and just lots of interesting stuff!

You could probably call this update the Teaser Update! We're jumping right into the third trip through the Glass Door, and there are tons of choices and branching paths... but most of them only have one branch right now. So, fair warning: you may get a little frustrated that you can't pick the choice you really want! Not yet, anyway.

Even so, this update features three distinct sex scenes, although one will be unavailable depending on matters of anatomy. The third trip is, frankly, gonna be pretty heavy on sex with just about every option. But knowing what's through that door, that probably wasn't a big surprise to most folks.

Besides the new story, there are two new pieces of art. One is by far the easiest to find in the game. You could find it before any other piece. But very few people will probably see it. The other piece is in the early game, but a bit tricky to find, as it requires specific anatomy that doesn't usually get its own art. Plus, I've given the Art Gallery a small upgrade since the list was getting kinda huge.

Also, speaking of art, I'm still looking for help! I think that my last post calling for volunteers was a little poorly written, as I did not receive a single response, and those that did comment on the issue seemed to completely misunderstand what I was looking for in an “Art Hunter.” So I've written up a more compact, reader-friendly page to lay out the basics! Please take a look! I could really use your help, and it's pretty easy work, there's just too much of it for me to keep it up.

I'm really excited to get some better-quality art in this game, but in a way, you might say we're running out of time. It's going to take a few versions still to round out all of the possibilities for the Glass Door, but after that, there's only one Chapter left in the story! I've been super excited to get to this for the longest time, but the closer it gets, the scarier it feels!

I'm not really sure what I'll do when MVOL is finally complete. I know it won't be terribly sudden, there's plenty of potential for adding extra content, lots of little things I've been meaning to do that would complement the story as a whole, but I can't do that forever. Too much side content would definitely detract from the game as a whole. Besides that, as people have been wont to warn me, Flash is dying. I'll be looking into ways to possibly export it to some other medium, but one likely solution is just to finish the game before then and make sure it's available in a way that should ensure it will be playable forever.

That will be a pretty huge milestone in my life. I'm glad I have time to consider it ahead of time and figure out what my next step will be, but it's true that I'm already heavily involved in The Cathouse Tale, and I always have ideas and more games that I wish I could be making. I love designing games, I can spend days just obsessing over how to make a great system, but I tend to be a pretty amateurish programmer, and I can only write so much in a day. I've been trying to reach out to a programmer or two, but if anyone has solid programming experience and would be interested in making something with me, I'd be happy to start a conversation. My email is always open!

But I've rambled pretty well off the topic. The new release is ready, it's chock full of sex and art, and it's waiting for you! Go enjoy! Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing!