Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Nasty Cold Later...

Hail! I was out of commission for about a week on account of spending every waking moment wishing I was asleep, and every sleeping moment wishing I could breathe, so yes, bit of a delay. But I've gotten some more work in! Enough, I believe to bump the progress bar up a notch.


The worst thing about these colds (or flu's, or whatever) is that they don't know when to go away. I could swear I've been past the worst of it for almost a week now, but I'm still all nasty and clogged up. Egh. Hope you guys are doing better out there! And here's another spoiler-ish, less depressing preview for the coming update!

I remember 'amateur magicians,' because it was like a double whammy of condescension. Magician is a nasty word at the college.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halfway There!

Hopefully not time wise, but content wise, I do believe I'm at least halfway done with the basic content for v0.14. Not to jinx myself, but judging by previous releases, this is hopefully me picking up steam as the finish comes into sight :3


And I'd like to take a moment to thank those of you who've been spontaneously donating of late ^.^; I know it doesn't make much sense to donate to a project when it seems to be stagnating like mine tends to between updates, but it feels a little like folks are cheering me on even when I falter, as silly as it sounds. As an extra bit of thanks, a rather longer preview. It's a little spoiler-y, so I've colored it to be harder to read unless you highlight it.

Hey. Everybody dies sometime. You sigh silently, pulling a vial from your pouch. When you break this seal, you have sixty seconds before the contents loses its potency.