Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming Soon!

Alright! The save system has now been upgraded, and the new GUI is almost done being designed, we're just working on getting Adobe to do what we want as far as transferring designs! So that's about three points of progress that have actually been completed. I've just sent my rough draft to my proofers and testers while I work on finishing it off, so if you've made my list of approved proofers, I suggest you check your email! At this point, I'm making it a tentative goal to release v0.12 on Saturday!


If things take longer than I'm hoping, I may push off to the Friday after next, in which case I'll just have more time to add a few extra bits to [Offer Yourself] to make it a more robust experience :3 It's not really complete right now, but it's almost ready to at least make its debut.

Maybe I really should make progress reports more often, because this seems familiar 6.6 I suppose it makes sense that taking the time to lay out exactly what I have done and what's left to do can have a positive effect on one's drive and efficiency to accomplish those goals x3 It helped to see that there wasn't actually all that much that really needed doing, compared to the big, amorphous mass I'd thought I was staring at! There's always more, of course, but we should be pretty close to a good release point at the least.

Thanks again, everyone, for all your patience and support! Here's hoping I'll have more good news for you soon! :3

P.S. If anyone out there is handy with html/css, please drop me a line! I'd really like to set up my forum, and indeed my whole website, to have a basic "Are you 18?" screen any time you try to access it-- that way, I could make the forum itself easier to access! So if you think you know anything about how to make this work, I'd definitely appreciate your help! :3

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