Saturday, March 3, 2018

v0.33 is Live!

Grab your copy by going to the Play the Game tab above!

Another chunk of the Glass Door is filled out! Finally, you can choose to seek out James instead of Amelia, despite the consequences you know may arise. Of course, one particular collar has a workaround for that issue that results in a dramatically different scene. Also, due to popular demand, I've hacked together a poor but functional answer to let people start a new game without restarting the program. The Help menu has been replaced with a Main Menu button!

Other than that, two new pieces of art have been added. Both are set in pre-collar content and each features activity similar to the other, though the other way around. In fact, without cheats, you won't be able to see both on the same file... Happy hunting!

I ran into a fair amount of trouble during this update cycle, and I'm not very happy with the amount of content I managed for this one. I got really sick, and just ran into some personal life issues that made things pretty difficult, but I'm glad I was able to finish things to the point it made a good lump of content to add without things being too confusing.

From here, it's possible we'll be able to finish the Glass Door in one more update. Most of the options are complete (and in hindsight, I removed one or two that had been implied but would just make for pretty redundant scenes), and at this point it's pretty much just a matter of letting Lith have a little more choice in matters, actually. After that, we'll be taking a short break from storyline content to look at other stuff, and to get ready for the beginning of the game's final chapter. Pumped!

In other news, the hunt for art has been smoothing out a bit since I got more serious about cataloguing and tracking artists, and hopefully I'll actually be setting up a small section on the new MVOL Discord before long so fans can help keep a sharp eye on all the potential artists on my list so we can snatch up a commission for the game as soon as they're open! At this point I'm probably spending an amount of time looking for artists or communicating with them, polishing out details with sketches and such, equivalent to the time I spend actually writing for the game. So that's been crazy, but hopefully you guys will see it really starting to pay off soon!

I think that's all I've got for this update. I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for playing!