Friday, December 21, 2012

MVOL v0.10 is Live!

The update is here: MVOL v0.10! I felt it was time to bump up the number a bit, even though v0.05 was probably a larger jump forward than this one-- this version represents the closest we're going to see to 100% of the content I was planning to include in this game. From here, I'm expanding beyond my original vision to include a longer plot and more options for the players for how to interact with our favorite slutty kitty.

That said, I should warn that v0.10 is actually going to be the hardest version yet-- and may be the hardest version that ever comes out. The path system I set up in v0.05 finally comes together with the first of its two main purposes here: a new set of Player Achievements that require you to be intimately familiar with the game! Your goal is to achieve a certain value without so much as thinking about doing anything inappropriate to your "true" self. That's your hint, good luck!

If you need any further help, Petre's guides actually still apply quite well-- I wrote them anticipating this content. You only need to figure out a little more at the very end to get these achievements...

Also new with this update: I've gotten a proper donate button, which you should find through a link on the sidebar to the right! Any and all donations are welcome, and as a small incentive, I've prepared an alternative version of My Very Own Lith with a handful of interesting cheats enabled, including the ability to change many of your avatar's stats and some of Lith's on the fly, as well as explore the content of the game a bit more directly rather than going through the standard decision tree and pushing up variables. Please note, however, that the cheat version has many potential glitches, and that you cannot earn achievements in this version! Other than that, you are free to use your saves in either version of the game. To learn more about MVOL+ and why you should (or shouldn't) donate, check out the "Why Donate?" link to the right!

I can't say that I ever expected this blog to have to sit around this long before finally getting another update. I'd been pretty hesitant at the time about making this blog at all, but I have to admit it's actually helped keep me on track more than once-- if only because people kept coming back, and making it clear to me they still wanted more. I won't go into too much detail, but I've been through a lot of motivational trouble trying to get back into making this game. Part of that was the feeling that I was sinking too much time into something that's not putting food on the table, so I hope that this new donation option might make this a more legitimate option for me to put man-hours into compared to writing commissions or actual work.

Beyond that, though, I've dealt with a lot of frustrations in this project. This update in particular felt a lot like I was trying to write "the same, but more so," and it was hard to get fired up about adding content that felt like it would be the exact same thing. I feel like it came out as pretty distinguished material in the end, though not as good as I would have liked. From here on, though, it sounds like I'm going to be starting to explore new kinds of content at long last, as some of my peculiar ideas and fantasies come closer to seeing fruition. This, combined with the new code I've implemented for more flexible output, makes me hopeful for a more robust update schedule! I'm also planning on releasing content in smaller chunks if I can help it-- meaning less content at a time, with few new achievements, but more rapid updates to the game. I hope that this will be a bit more to everyone's liking, and keep me working on things more steadily rather than lapsing into shameful silence as I have in the past. I have found that there is a deadly cycle in the shame of being unproductive, and it is easy to fall into the immediate gratification of other, less useful things...

So! This update isn't everything I'd like it to be, nor has it come as soon as I would have hoped, but I feel like I've finally done enough to warrant a proper update, and one that should stand on its own as a challenging experience. In the immediate future, I plan to add more content to make the process easier as a whole before going on to add more storyline content, so if you enjoy the challenge MVOL offers, this version is surely for you. If not, the guides are in the blog archives, and they should serve you well enough! (Befriend/Seduce/Use) Thank you all for your patience, and I hope you enjoy v0.10.

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