Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petre's Guide to Seducing a Cat

Sounds like my last little lesson went over pretty well with you guys, so here's some more. If you feel like putting your dick in a cat, it's pretty much as simple as bending the little slut over, but if you want him to crawl on top of you and stick it in himself? That takes a little finesse.

Now, if you're serious about seducing a cat, you have to be his type-- not just swinging a nice throat-stretcher between your legs, but you gotta have tits. The bigger, the better! If you're lucky enough to have all this equipment weighing you down, it'll make things go a lot smoother.

The first thing you should do is talk with the little perv, and ease him off his guard. Doesn't really matter what you talk about, just a little of everything-- and like I said before, keep petting him just about all the time. When you feel like being a little bolder, go ahead and feel him up. Not anything rough and grabby, just a little naughty stroking. Once he's getting all flushed and bothered, you should probably whip out the merchandise. Nothing like a little eye candy to get him in the mood, huh?

If you keep stroking him all over, sooner or later he should be willing to admit why he runs around naked all the time-- he's shy about it, but everyone knows he's really just a shameless slut. Once he admits it, though, you can start talking about naughty stuff. Get him really worked up, and make sure he's eyeballing your tits plenty. Ask him about what he likes at some point to get some tips on petting him and let him, and maybe even some talk about snuggling, and just keep getting him hot and bothered and all aglow.

Once he's nice and horny, start talking again-- ask him how he's feeling, and just let him ramble on about anything, and if you keep your hands on his junk and his nose in your cleavage, he should start making suggestions about pervy things you could do together. At this point, find somewhere to sit down with him, and all you have to do is ask and he'll come crawling to worship you.

Keep him well-stuffed in both holes and keep petting him, and as long as you haven't let your urges get the better of you and just grabbed him up or anything like that, he should start getting pretty attached to you. Be patient-- work that ass and that mouth, and keep him purring all over you, and every once in a while, ask him how he's feeling. If you've been keeping him sufficiently swollen with cream, he should start talking about how much he appreciates you and la di da, just collar him already. Something pink should be appropriate, heh.

Besides that, another reason it's good to have tits with him is that he's almost as much of a fiend for sucking on them as on cocks. And here's the interesting part-- if you let someone suck on your tits on a regular basis, sooner or later you'll just naturally start lactating. Let him work you over all day long, and gradually, you'll start making milk. Let him keep at it, and he'll have you pumping it out by the quart. Just make sure you're keeping well-nourished yourself, cause you're basically gonna be feeding that cat his three rounds every day between the girls and the fella down below. Cats and their cream, huh?

Anyway, that's how you seduce a cat. You can have him riding your rod and drinking down everything you wanna give him and he'll practically think it was all his idea. As you may have guessed, though, this isn't my personal bag, either. Stick around, and next time, we'll talk about using that cat the way he was meant to be.



  1. Its a great game! Unlocked the Blue Collar in a few minutes!

  2. How do you get the diffrent collars? I've only gotten one once, and I did just do random button mashing then...

  3. what is the differences between the pink and blue collar?

  4. Can you not get the blue collar as a male? As in without tits.

    1. You can get it either way. The main thing that can stop you is if you've been too naughty with Lith in the past.

  5. I got a black collar....

  6. A few questions.

    I managed to unlock the black collar (and then immediately abandoned that save without putting it on as I decided to start over), got the "paIN" ending (What the fuck even was that), and I got the blue collar and went through both doors. But, can you get the pink collar as a flat out male? If so, how?

  7. Can you get the pink collar as a male with no tits?