Saturday, December 15, 2012


Phew! I've just finished completing one of the tougher scenes I've been staring at for some time now ^.^; These things always surprise me a little with how they come out x3 But I'm hoping you all will enjoy when you get your hands on it! I now have... let's see... four new scenes ready for the next version! I've got one more big one to tackle, some extra bits here and there to add, and some playtesting/refining to do. So the progress bar is now:


We're getting there! ~.~ My current plan is to complete this update, where the game will finally be considered in a semi-complete state slightly beyond what you already have-- and I'll start putting out smaller updates more often past it. Thanks again to everyone for all your patience, and for checking back despite the inactivity! With a little luck, I may well have the game out before the end of the year :3 Fingers crossed!

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