Saturday, June 23, 2012

v0.05 is Live!

At long last, v0.05 is available for download. It's been a while since I've updated, and I don't doubt some folks suspected the game was dead, but I've been chugging along, albeit slowly at times ^.^;

When I released v0.04, I said that I was about 90% through the original design specs, so it's a little disappointing for me myself to say that I'm only at about 95% right now. The original design for the game required a great deal of framework and structure to be laid down before I could actually generate content-- I was working on this game for quite a while before I even released v0.01. So as far as the original design specs, I have only added a few more actual, textual scenes, because I've been spending more of my design time on refining the game.

My original design was something of a mess of different options that fell into your lap at a few clicks. [Grab] in particular basically poured everything out as soon as you got into it. But I've gone through and re-structured the game a little in preparation for a slightly more linear gameplay option-- specifically, challenges.

I noticed early on that my players took the game as a challenge-- besides the basic smutty material readily available, a lot of the game is locked away, and it takes patience and exploration to find every last piece of the game. With this update, I'm encouraging this mindset with a more structured, slightly more difficult layout and a new feature: Achievements.

Achievements are both an integral part of the game,  many rewarding you with points for completing them, and a guide to how much you have yet to discover-- for the sake of the challenge, or just to make sure you haven't missed something a little harder to find. Many of the achievements are quite challenging to acquire, but I have confirmed myself that it is fully possible to complete all of them, and on one playthrough, if you attempt it in the correct order. I should note, however, that they will not all be attainable for everyone-- Lith does have a "type," after all...

In the next version, I intend to add a few real challenge achievements-- they almost made the cut for this version, but a few scenes are still missing. For now, you're welcome to try for the maximum score, find every scene available in the game, and complete every available achievement-- all three are Player Achievements that will carry on in your file to future games!

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