Saturday, November 4, 2017

Hotfixes are Up!

So, had a few issues with this release! Long story short, the original release will lock you in the art gallery if you go to the second page but haven't unlocked any art there, and also the Android release was a test copy and not ready for final release.

Wherever you've downloaded the game, fixed copies should now be up! Except e6, that one's flagged for deletion but it'll take a minute, and the new version is uploaded there. The e6 version is all ugly and compressed anyway though, download a copy from the Play the Game tab!

Grab a new copy of the game and enjoy!


  1. I take it your proof-reading trawl was successful? :)

  2. "download a copy from the Play the Game tab!"
    It requires Adobe Flash to play. Only a couple operating systems have any amount of support from Adobe. Please make the game available on more operating systems by open-sourcing the game.

  3. I think I found a good song for lith. it is "Christina Perri - Arms"