Monday, September 28, 2015


So the last week before the release was a huge scramble trying to make the graphics happen in time, and I've mostly been catching my breath since then and dealing with some real-life stuff I had to put off, but it looks like we're paying the price for that time that I should have, ideally, spent making sure the game... well, worked.

I caught the issue with the stone door path back into the void pretty quick (you might have gotten a glitched copy if you were fast to download, try grabbing a new one if so and you haven't heard of this already) but it looks like there was another, stranger issue. I think this might partly be a glitch with Flash itself, but-- well, MVOL uses Justified text so that both the left and right sides of the body of text are flat. It looks nicer that way! But for some reason, it's going too far with it now, and partial lines are also being spread to fit the width of the screen, which is very not right.

Strangely, the issue seems to be something that can not show up at first, but "infect" every instance of the game later. Either that, or it really is a direct effect of a recent Flash update. Either way, the most direct fix I've found is to simply not justify the text. So I've put up a left-aligned version of the game on the Play the Game! tab! If you're having issues, download that, and you should be okay to play and read comfortably. I'm hoping to find a better solution soon, but I want you guys to be able to play in the meantime without the game being an ugly mess.

I've been hearing a few other issues with the new release here and there, and I'm starting to think it may be because of the new, larger image files. I'm looking into solutions; right now I'm thinking it may be an issue with players trying to run before they've loaded everything, but if I can't force it to pre-load, then I may just have to try offering folks a compressed version and see if that fixes things. For now, if you're having issues with text, grab a left-aligned version, and if it's something else, try opening the game a different way! Opening it in an internet browser usually seems to work okay, but Flash Projector and some mobile devices seem to be having trouble.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone! I wanted to make the game beautiful, but beauty comes with a price, it seems. Hopefully I can straighten this all out soon.


    Interestingly when I went through the lovers stone door path and they were going off the cliff thing or whatever, I thought the texts getting all glitched and messed up was supposed to aid in ascertaining the fact that they were, "going out of range" or something, and when at the very end and things could only just barely be read due to how messed up it was it left a very curious demeanor to it all. Accident or not I thought it was cool, lol

    1. Yeah, THAT is intentional x3 That's probably the frustrating part. It's a lot easier to see these endings now that there's more of them, but then this glitch hits, and it gets a little hard to tell one from the other when talking with people sometimes xP

    2. Bit late, but the mvol+ you sent me does this 100% of the time in the opening sequence (where you pick race/gender)

    3. If you'd like the left-aligned cheat version, reply to the email I sent with the messed up version and I can send you the replacement ^.^;

  2. I got the text problem to so thank you for fixing it - Also I love dom Lith so please do more stuff with that - like maybe when he's a dom the player get's to wear the collar. and thank you for making this game I love it. X3