Friday, February 27, 2015

Spooky Stuff!

Wolves are spooky! The final Part to the first Chapter of To Own a Wolf is up on Amazon Kindle, so if you can't stand to start a story without reaching a nice conclusion, now's a great time to have a look!

But that's not the really spooky thing today. I don't know how many of you heard, but a few days ago Google announced a moratorium on adult content on blogspot. Now, I decided to refrain from flipping out and trusted that my concern with this issue would be shared with many others, and that there would be a certain amount of feedback. I could only hope that Google would listen.

Well, it looks like the other shoe came down just in time for my Friday update, thankfully. It seems that they've decided not to root up their entire adult blogging community, but rather to enforce their existing policies a little more strictly to root out people straight up selling porn on here, especially that which does not belong to them or which depicts illegal acts.

So I've gone from very concerned to... somewhat concerned. I don't believe that the MVOL blog falls into the categories they're trying to root out, but I worry that whoever they have appraising these blogs for unacceptable content will see only the sensuality and not the art of what I am trying to accomplish with My Very Own Lith.

If I am told to remove content from my blog, I will have to find somewhere else to make the new home for MVOL. I've heard good things about Tumblr. Hopefully this will all blow over without much trouble, but should such a thing happen, it may be somewhat... sudden. So I thought I'd best let you all know. Thanks, everyone, for-- oh, wait.

While I'm here, I should mention, I have been making progress with MVOL. I've been getting a better handle on just how much content the rest of the stone door will involve, and how I can pare it down to an experience that is rich and rewarding but not so extensive that it becomes overburdening for anyone trying to explore it in full (and not so colossal to write that it kills me). So between getting more writing in and adjusting my expectations to try and get ready for a release by the end of March in keeping with my new deadline goals, I'm bumping up the progress meter!


Forty percent may be conservative, but there's a few bits besides the writing that I really need to get started on, so hopefully while I've got the written content in with my proofers in mid-March I can get to work on the rest of that. Hopefully I'll have more good news for you soon!

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  1. Hey great news, the policy was redacted!

    I have a blog too so it had me sweating a bit also lol, good luck with things ^.^