Sunday, February 15, 2015

Slow and Steady

Hey, folks! Got a few updates I've been meaning to mention, and I reckon it's past time I get to it.

First off, if you haven't been following my other blog, you may not be aware that To Own a Wolf Part Two and Part Three are up on Amazon for kindle! It's felt great to dust off these stories and tighten them up to really read smoothly. I remember feeling pretty proud of them back in the day, but as I've grown as a writer, I've picked up a few things, haha. I personally really like how Part Two came out, and I hope you guys will enjoy them if you have the chance.

Secondly, speaking of my personal blog, it's been going along updating regularly! If you haven't been reading, you've missed out on the in-depth origin of both Lith and MVOL, two snippets from my upcoming Tag It story, some interesting little stories from me you won't see anywhere else, and a variety of rants on many subjects, especially the tribulations of creativity and writing. What's coming up next? Who knows? I sure don't!

And, lastly, a short word on my progress with MVOL. I've been working on and off on the content for the second visit to the Stone Door, and it's gradually turned into a more ambitious and heavy piece of writing than I originally expected. Right now I'm considering the best way to divide it into smaller pieces so that I can release v0.16 a little sooner. My main two options would be to either divide it up by route, such as only including the pink collar paths and one of the two decision paths from the black, or by progress, so we can get a little bit of something for everyone, without actually getting all the way through this chunk of the story as I'd envisioned it. The main drawback to the former would be that if you only follow a particular path in the game, you effectively get no real new content. The main drawback to the latter would be that it may well not have any sex scenes at all in the update @_@; So that's the dilemma I'm wrestling with when I'm working on the game, in between the Tag It, stuff for the other blog, and an odd little story you may be seeing soon. But for now, progress!:


I really should just make little pictures for this or something. Right now we're at 20% to v0.16. I've got a fair bit written up, but if I was going to cram EVERYTHING in that I wanted for v0.16 I'd have to either trim back the story some or go a looong ways still. So I may be setting my goal for this chunk a little lower, in which case we might be at more like 30 or 40% currently.

I've also got a new little treat ready to add to the next update :3 I hope you all will enjoy it!

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  1. Hi , I recently came by your game, and I was both intrigued and pleasantly surprise by it . I very much like the set up , the opportunity to both build the relationship and you and the lith through action consequence .
    Reading you is a very nice experience, in every senses of the way *wink*, but I am a bit puzzled about something. I like fury and I don't mind the male genitalia but I was confused to see even when you choose a female version of Lith to see she has no female genitalia. I have barely started playing but I was wondering if that was intentional or an oversight , or that I just plainly missed it .
    So is this something that's planned or not at all?