Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Lith Face Preview!

Hey, folks! I've been holding out for good news along the "hey, it's coming out" lines, but we've hit delays with the data reporting system as my coding-savvy friend has been swamped with academic obligations. In the meantime I've been taking a stab at the new art for Lith, and I think I've reached a point at which I'm not completely ashamed to show what I have!

A little bit of tracing and a lot of fidgeting around has gotten me to this point. Not leagues beyond the current placeholder, but I think it'll be an improvement. I'm hoping to experiment with highlights and crazy nonsense like that too! Of course, this image is going to usually be much smaller when you're playing, so I'm trying not to worry too much about every tiny detail, but one of my goals here is to more or less define Lith's "official" look at long last @.@;

It's been an interesting process trying to emulate what I see in other artwork to make the best picture of Lith that I can. If any of you have suggestions on how to improve this or what leaps out at you as glaringly ugly, shoot me a comment! It still feels awfully off, but it's hard putting my finger on what x3 Also, with this development, I think we can bump things up to 80%!


I have a fair deal of the writing for v0.16 done, though my awesome new writing schedule fell through for a few weeks when I decided it was time to hate myself and everything I've ever done for a while again. Trying to get back on the horse! But right now I'm trying to push this graphical improvement into the game and prod my friend into finishing his portion so we can finally get v0.15 out to all of you. Hope I have more for you soon!


  1. Pretty sharp looking!

  2. I think the proportions are off. Hair should take up less head space, then eyes and nose raised to compensate. The eyes also look too large, however that may be because of how small a face area they are in. Probably be fine with more face to occupy.

  3. Yay an update! I agree that certain portions are bit off. Shouldn't his ears be in between his hair and not at the back - i have a black cat and even its not like that. His eyes are a bit too big. Imagine how he would look when he blushes with /// . I suppose some people are okay with the blush lines in eyes. I could help you if you want on the art side - i mainly draw anime/manga.

  4. I'm okay with the picture (it looks quite cute) but what I'm really interested in are all the variations for arousal, embarrassment, and confidence. You could do stuff with ears, eyes, mouth, even wh- well, not with whiskers because those are not included. But with all the other stuff.

  5. He looks cute, but also very sad. Try drawing him without the hair, possibly trace proportions on a cat and go from there. Coming along nicely though.