Friday, October 24, 2014

Lith has a new story, and Lithier has a new trick!

Hey hey, happy Friday! Today I've got a few not-quite-MVOL things to tell you all about. For one, after a long time I've posted up Part 6 of an old story series of mine featuring Lith, called Climbing Corporate. If you've been wanting to know more about Lith, I have three big series featuring him in my archives on FurAffinity and SoFurry, including some of the background he talks about in the game. If you're curious, today's addition is actually the latest point we've seen so far in Lith's timeline.

Beyond that, I'm kicking off something new today: "Tag It" Stories! They're kind of an experimental new approach to commissions, but for the very first one I'm taking votes from the community at large on what to write about, so hop on over to one of my journals on SoFurry or FurAffinity to try and get your interests added to my next story!

For those wondering about MVOL, I'm still working on modifying Lith's appearance while waiting on my coding friend. I've hit a dry spell recently, but hopefully between this new story style and something else I've got brewing up, I'll be getting back into writing at full tilt soon! Fingers crossed, everyone! :3

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