Sunday, August 10, 2014

It Feels Good! It Feels Write!

Hey, folks! In case you haven't seen, I've published another story! You can find A Learning Experience Pt. 5 on SoFurry and FurAffinity. It's a commissioned series about a young man with a suspiciously similar species to Lith's but not much else in common learning that he does, in fact, totally like getting dicked by hot women. So maybe he has a few things in common, actually.

I'm pretty excited to keep up this trend of actually getting writing done. I've been powering through my commissions and I've even dabbled with getting some writing in for v0.16 while we finalize all the non-writing stuff finished up for v0.15.

Speaking of, things have been coming along with the coming update, and I've sent out a partially complete version to my proofers to see about getting the written portion polished up while we work on the rest. If you count yourself among my proofers, make sure to check your email!


We're 70% of the way there now. The automatic feedback system seems to be working well so far, we just need to get a few more tweaks in on that. After that is the new art and some kind of loading screen, and I'm hoping to tackle those in the next few days.

Also, puns? Gods help me, I'm becoming everything I hate :p


  1. That was unBearable Lith!


  3. I'm actually really excited to see this project going places again, and I'm really glad you've managed to get back into the swing of things!

  4. Really hoping for a full female lith in .16!

  5. -...I mean .15! Heheh... I can't read >.>'

  6. Lithier should be the one to decide when full female lith is a thing and I haven't heard him say it was something that he was adding to be sure besides I like lith even if im straight it doesn't bother me. Beause I know a lot of strange people but lith has a very good heart plus he isn't all that odd. He's no where near as strange as a lot of the gay or bi-sexual people I have met. Besides lithier has a life so I can understand any hideous or long wait before hearing from him