Friday, January 17, 2014

v0.14 is Live!

And as a surprise bonus, there are two downloads available under Play the Game: the Flash version and a fully Android-compatible version! This was something of a last-minute development, and I'm thrilled to finally be able to fulfill this request :3 Thanks go to TechnoDragon for helping me set up the conversion process!

With that said, let me talk about this update. v0.14 marks the game's passing a huge milestone in development, and the new content is radically different. In one way, half the game is complete, and we're now starting on the second half. In another, we've effectively finished Act I, and the curtain is opening on Act II, with two more to follow. I'll get into all of this more later, though. For now, go play the game! The rest of this post is going to get into spoilers.

---v0.14 SPOILERS beyond this point---

This update introduces a lot of things that are new to the game: other characters, new locations, darker themes, non-consensual sex, and a different choice dynamic. I'm pretty nervous about how all of this will be received, honestly, but this is the vision I had for this game long ago, slowly refined and brought to reality.

As it stands now, you effectively get a brief glimpse of the world beyond the stone door. This isn't the only destination on the horizon, but it's our first stop, and we'll be seeing more of it. Before we leave, there will be more choices, and there will be the potential to close your story for good. One ending is in the game now, though it's probably the simplest and one of the most disappointing endings you can get. As you progress through the full tale of My Very Own Lith, there will be many chances to reach a conclusion.

Some of these endings might be labeled Bad Endings or Good Endings, but I enjoy making it a little more complex than that. Similarly, I tried not to present my choices as a simple binary between good and evil, but as simply the moments that define things. In life, we often look back and realize that we could have made a different decision at this particular point, and everything would have been radically different. Maybe we should have paid a little more attention, or thought a little longer, or maybe it was just dumb luck that made things pan out the way they did, but we have to see where these actions lead us. It's with that mentality that I craft these decisions, and the innate capabilities of the save file system let you see how this works out from both sides-- an enviable quality for those living out these decisions, certainly.

I might go more into all of this later --have to find something for those awkward blog posts between updates!-- but for now, I hope you find what I've written so far enjoyable, and that I've hooked your interest to see where I'm going from here :3 I don't think it will be easily predicted on the large scale, though the small may be easier to reckon. And no, MVOL is not turning into CoC :p Fenoxo was an inspiration, a foundation, and an advisor to me at various points in the game's development, but this change of scenery has come about for entirely its own, and my own reasons.

And on a final note, I'd like to offer my condolences to users of Apple devices. We looked into it, and it seems that the iPhone is, by design, a great deal less... friendly to unofficial software ^.^;; It may become possible at some point in the future if there's a good deal of interest in it, and I've added a survey on the right so folks can declare their interests in where they want to play the game. I should note that the only Apple devices it will ever be able to work on are the ones that have been "jailbroken," so if you don't intend to own such a device, I'm afraid voting for Apple would do you little good ^.^;; In the meantime, I hope you can find other ways to enjoy Lith's company!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I dearly hope you enjoy the update! :3


  1. awww I was hoping vag lith would be for everybody in this update :(
    also is the mvol+ available In the android version too now? :3

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes. Any donation will get you v0.14+ for both Flash and Android :3 And sorry, I do intend to complete V/ND support for Lith eventually, but it's fairly likely it will wait until I've finished this wave of story-based updates ^.^; I've decided to stop letting requests for alternate ways to play the game distract me so much from pushing my main vision for the game forward. Hope you still enjoy the new stuff!

  2. mrew well that's completely fine that's just more incentive for me to donate lol :P
    love the game thanks so much for your beautiful creation! =3
    this probably won't post as a direct reply cause my droid refuses to use the js script of the reply button >.<

  3. If I may ask, how do you use the cheats?

    1. Once you have a donator copy, it mentions where to go on the front page right when you open the game. The two main cheat functions are in Items. It takes a little exploration from there, I hope you enjoy! :3

  4. Yay an android version! :) Now I can play it where I go. Thank you!