Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Can You Taste It?

Things are coming along smoothly, and the cracks are filling in. I'm sure there are half a dozen things I've forgotten about, but hopefully I'll manage to remember most of them in the days to come. The prototype has just gone out to my proofers!


We're at 90%! Short of a miracle, I'm probably going to be releasing the game officially on the weekend of the 17th, so my proofers have time to look everything over and I have time for last-minute additions and finishing touches. If you're on my list of premium donators who have been so generous as to donate $25 or more for v0.13+, however, you'll be getting a copy of v0.14+ the very instant it's ready, regardless of the day of the week, so you keep an eye on your inbox! :3

With all that said, I've one more teaser for you all. I'm still exceedingly nervous about the pretty dramatic changes in tone and direction this update is introducing-- I've had all of this in mind for over a year now, but you all will finally be seeing the very first part of the strange ride I'm taking you all on soon x3 Hope you all enjoy!

A form emerges into the pale light, hulking but humanoid-- at least seven feet tall and filling the doorway completely. Its thundering snarls choke back in strange, hollow little giggles as its eyes glimmer ferally in the light.

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