Monday, January 6, 2014

Summon the Honor Guard!

The game is still crawling toward completion, especially now that I (seem to) have broken my addiction to FFXIV, huzzah! The text portions are nearly completed, and I'm now primarily crawling around in the guts and gears of this strange cyborg of mine trying to get things together and working properly. It's approaching completion!


And you know what that means? It's time to rouse the proofers! I'll have a semi-working prototype hopefully lurching around in the days to come, and I've sent an email to check in on my first and last line of defense against glitches, typos, and inexplicable catastrophic failure! If you're on my list, check your email! If you're not on my list, as ever, I encourage you to consider taking up a position in their brave ranks. You should have just a few days now to complete the initiation if you want to be sifting through the test version of v0.14 for me!

And if you're uncertain of your interest in the coming release, I've another little snippet of a preview ready...

A strange crackling behind you encourages you to throw your face to the dusty stones, craning your head around to spot the feline, his staff raised high and glowing-- no, not glowing, the tip is radiating a fearsome, blinding energy. He raises his spare paw, and the energy arcs suddenly to his open palm, creating-- lightning!


  1. Obligatory second comment to stop Lith moaning. And not in the fun way either.