Friday, January 18, 2013

v0.11 is Live!

Head to the Play the Game! tab to get started! For more info on what's changed, read on, but the other big news you may have missed is, I hope to have a forum going up soon! Check the post just under this one for more info.

A recent survey on what content players are interested in having added to the game put three features on top, roughly: dominant Lith, more mention of the avatar's individuality in scenes, and girl Lith, in that order. I've actually already started working on just about all the options that were on that survey in one way or another, if only to see how difficult they would be to implement. It was this explanation, along with the personal encouragement and offered assistance of a fan by email, that led me down the road of converting MVOL's code behind the scenes.

At first, converting all of the text in the entirety of the game to work with this new, more streamlined system seemed an overwhelming and tedious task, but once I'd gotten working on it long enough, I actually found a great variety of the work could be done with powerful find-replace tools rather than having to read everything and fix it manually. Thanks to this conversion, many more options became dramatically more feasible, chief among which was one of our top three desired additions: girl Lith.

With the new system of writing, I can mark each and every use of "he" or "him," etc, such that it can be automatically converted to "she" and "her" and so on. This allows us to effectively make Lith a girl-- or indeed, any of the many interesting shades in between. Of course, this is only a first step down that path, and there are many limitations: Lith's anatomy will not be affected in any way by this change, and some text may sound strange being converted so directly. In most cases, I went through and tried to add logic trees and such to make things sound more natural, but in some, I actually like the odd contrast-- such as when Lith is discussing his past. As it stands, this conversion to female is something that you can do to Lith just before you first meet him-- meaning that while he may identify as female now, he was a male before... and I just may be expanding on that in the future :3

As for dominant Lith, I've had the idea in the back of my head for a bit, and with this update, I've added modifiers to all existing scenes that seemed like they should affect how dominant Lith sees himself in the relationship and added one scene that can only be accessed when you've nourished his dominant flair sufficiently. For the second of the three options, details for the avatar, I tried to write the new scenes with this in mind, and I'd be interested in how well people feel I did-- and I'm hoping to discuss what exactly people want to see in the game on this count when the forum is up and running!

Lastly, a request that stuck in the back of my head for some time-- I've added the option to give Lith a big, warm hug as an end-game scene that should also make it significantly easier to get some of the collars.

For those of you that may feel inclined to make a donation, along with the usual cheats available in MVOL+, you should know that I've also added some more content for an avatar with no phallus, as well as the beginnings of the option to give Lith breasts! Click Donate Now at the upper right of this screen, and any amount you see fit to donate will get you a copy of MVOL+ as my token of thanks :3

I hope you all enjoy tooling around with v0.11! I'm sure I missed a lot of "he's" and "him's," so do let me know if and when you find some! ^.^; My email is best. Cheers!

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