Friday, January 4, 2013

Another Livestream and Interview Done

 Livestream is all done! We didn't have much of a turnout, but my thanks to all those that came! Here's the transcript of the interview we had ^.^

Interview Transcript

Opening up with questions for Lith! Any and all is fair game, though he is, of course, a bit limited in what he knows and what he may be willing to answer himself... Be creative! Advice, philosophy, secrets, the great and small questions of the universe. Flaws, strengths, prides and shames, his past, his future, his opinion on current events. It's all up for grabs!

shut_up_steve: 1: favourite thing to do 2:most recent activity? 3: what is your current desire? 4: what grinds your gears? 5: any irrational phobias? (like afraid of clowns)
Lith: Oh o.o starting with a bang! Well... 1. My favorite thing to do... in general, out of all things one could do? I'm guessing winning huge piles of money doesn't count, if only since I've never done it ^.^; My favorite thing to do... would probably be curling up with somebody I trust and watching something really nerdy-- a good anime, or firefly, or the like, with some bad chinese food to share or something of the like. And maybe breaking out a good console game when the show's over. I guess it's plain, but I've loved it every time I've done it, and there's few times I've felt more... comfortable ^.^ 2. Most... recent? o.o; That's a little tricky to answer, since I'm kind of an amalgam of myself from across a large period of time ^.^; Can I cheat and say my most recent activity was describing my favorite thing to do? x3 3. My current desire... kind of falls under the same problem. My current desire is to give you a satisfying answer, but I think it isn't working! @_@ 4. What grinds my gears? Well... people that just won't listen, I guess. There's a lot of injustices in the world, a lot of things that have gone wrong on purpose or by mistake, and while some of them are caused by people that honestly don't care about their fellow man (or only care about those very close to them) so many... horrible, heart-wrenching things happen because people just don't listen. I believe that knowledge is the most precious currency in the world, and it should be exchanged freely and constantly. But when people lie, keep secrets, or refuse to even listen, everything falls apart, and the "civil" in civilization begins to disappear... Sorry if that's kind of vague, but I think everything that really frustrates me comes down to that, eventually @.@; 5. Irrational phobias... well, I dunno how irrational it is to be, um, kind of terrified of speaking in front of crowds o.o; I mean, if you say something wrong, you could suddenly have an angry mob on your hand... and angry mobs are very good at not listening, to say the least ~.~;; I will say that clowns are pretty creepy as well, I've never been comfortable around them, but I'm not sure many people since the 50's have been...

Xanes: what is your opinion on the brony community?
Lith: Ohh o.o; They can be a bit of a peculiar bunch... I will admit there's one thing that sort of ticks me off-- the main draw, at least as far as I can tell, is that it's an animated show that is well-animated, decently written, funded well, and has voice actors that actually know what they're doing. In short, it's a GOOD animated show, which, in America, is pretty revolutionary... especially when it isn't centered around superheroes. So, my frustration is that it's accumulated such a massive following because Americans (and I'm being pretty rude about this, I'm sorry, it's really the Western hemisphere in general ^.^;; ) have such a massive gap in their media where animated content is concerned. So, my objection is that there's already tons of anime out there that's exceedinly well-crafted... but it's already earned a certain overarcing stigma among Westerners as geeky. So the fact that there's finally a Western cartoon that's actually well made draws a huge, sudden following... I dunno, that's what it spells out to me at this point. I've looked into the dichotomy between American and Japanese animated media a lot, and the huge disparity in quality and variety is just aching for relief. I guess in that perspective, it's both frustrating and promising-- if this success can translate into a new batch of properly made, Western animated shows; if producers will finally get it through their heads that there's a market for this, thanks to anime and My Little Pony? Then I'll count it a blessing. But... as for the community? Well, like any internet community, they have a lot of quirks, some trolls, and a very persistent set of memes tied to them. If you let yourself be annoyed by it, it could be very annoying indeed ^.^;; Personally, I just see it as kind of amusing and strange... and um, some of the, ah, "art" isn't too bad... Ah, n-next question?

Xanes: do you have the same senses and abilities as a normal cat
Lith: Well o.o I do have retractable claws, and a tail... if that counts. I smell better than humans do, but not by a lot. I forget just this second if regular cats are colorblind, but I can see all colors, as far as I know ^.^; But I can't see much better in the dark than humans can. I guess I've got pretty human eyes. Let's see... I can sleep as much as a cat does, if I care to :p I'm plenty flexible, but I don't really have good reflexes. And I almost never land on my feet... @.@;;

And with that, we concluded Lith's portion of the interview. Now for Lithier!

Xanes: when did you join the furry community and why did you join the community?
Lithier: I couldn't give a date, or even a year, but I believe it's been at least five years now-- although it may depend on your definition of being a part of the community. I think I answered this question before, so I'll try to be brief: as far as interacting with furries, I first started chatting amongst them five or more years ago for jollies and enjoyment, and gradually learned more about the furry scene from there. I've never had a direct fursona, and I've attended all of one in-person furmeet, and I've since moved away. I don't know where the line is drawn, I don't even know if I could fully be considered a furry now, but I have a fairly long history with members of the community, and I'm glad to be here ^.^

shut_up_steve: whats your favourite game? and what is the part about it you like best?
Lithier: That's a tough choice-- I have a rather large library, and I dabble a lot. If we were going by sheer amount of time I put into the game, I'd have to say Team Fortress 2-- I've lost hundreds upon hundreds of hours to that game, which is funny, because I generally despise shooters. What sets TF2 apart is its friendly, eye-pleasing style, the immeasurably superior attitude of the community of players, and its constant support and improvement at the hands of its creators. Each of these are really massive, singular achievements when you get into it, honestly. As far as simply being an excellent game... There are too many to say, but Final Fantasy IX holds a fond place in my heart after all these years, with its fundamentally enchanting atmosphere and near ideal mix of the old classic mechanics before squenix started messing it up. Really, there are lots of excellent games out there in recent days, and I'm thrilled that the game industry seems to be getting back on its feet after some serious stagnation in the late 2000's. I hope to have a lot of new favorites soon.

shut_up_steve: what is your favourite sort of thing to watch on youtube to fix your boredom? comedic acts? action stunts? educationals? other? or just drift at random?
Lithier: I don't catch a whole lot of youtube, really, but what I do watch is usually comedy. Typically, I'll either watch the latest DBZ abridged when it comes out, or bounce around silly TF2 videos until I get bored. When I'm really bored, don't feel like gaming, and don't have the energy or focus to work on creating entertainment for you darling folks, I'll probably either read/listen to a book, or watch some anime. But not on youtube, so I dunno if that counts...

Xanes : if you could make same kind of graphic you see in a video game and were going to make a game, what kind of game would you make?
Lithier: You know, I used to have lots of huge plans for making all sorts of non-ero games back in the day, but I haven't thought about designing a regular game in quite some time now. If you mean, supposing that it was just me making an indie game, but I also had the ability to 3D model and all that? I'd suppose I would make some kind of RPG or simulation game. I enjoy toying with the idea of parallel timelines and decision trees, and how you can explore new concepts, new sides of things by retreading old ground with new intentions and different intentions, and I think it could be pretty fun to make a game you could play each time and get a different outcome-- a little like what you see in MVOL, but on a less perverted, grander scale, with more violence, probably. If you mean, were I to be the lead of some kind of actual, professional game project? Hell, I'd probably run a proper sim, then-- something along the lines of Civilization, either on a smaller or much larger scale. I think it could be pretty interesting. If you mean... a porn game? Well, I've got a couple ideas I've been storing away for a possible successor to MVOL, though none of them really count on having significant graphic elements... It would be nice to have a Western equivalent to all the lovely humping games you see coming from Illusion and the like in Japan, though.

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