Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hey, folks! Well, I went and let the blog slip a bit. Last month I was mostly tackling other projects, but I did manage to finish the other black collar stone door path up to the stopping point v0.16 established. I'm hoping to get the other pink collar route done and push on into the next and final stage of the stone door for at least some of the paths in time for v0.17 in June. I'm not sure yet what else I'll be packing in there. I'm hoping to start ramping up work on the game, though last week was pretty rough for me and I didn't get a lot done. With that said, I have at least made some progress with the next update:


I'm hoping to put a lot more in there before it's ready, so I'm calling it just 20% right now. If you'd like to get more reliable information on what's going on with me, you can follow me on Twitter at @Lithiers where I'm trying out announcing each time I get some writing done, even if I can't go into the specifics about it, and I'm still updating my personal blog three times a week, even if I did end up a day late with my most recent post xP Sometimes it's previews of things I've written but not yet released, sometimes it's a thorough and formally composed exploration of a certain topic, often related to philosophy or writing, and sometimes it's the wild ranting of my barely conscious self, asking questions or blathering about something I care about. If you have the time for a little extra reading, I've been told it's been enjoyable overall.

And speaking of projects I can't speak of, I've recently been engaged in a new and very interesting Project X. I was partly putting off a new post because I was hoping I could properly announce it sooner, but things have been delayed a couple weeks, so for now, I think it's better if I wait. Keep your eyes and ears open, though, as hopefully I'll have some pretty cool news for you guys soon! :3


  1. sweet cant wait :D

  2. I never payed attention to this game before, I, for some reason, decided to play it yesterday, at around 11:00pm or so... I got so hooked that by the time I was done with it, I was shocked to notice I had like 1 hour left to go to class... I didn't get any sleep... So I curse ya, just cause yer too damn good at making text based games.