Monday, May 27, 2013

Poll's Closed!

The poll's results have been pretty clear for a while now, which is a refreshing change ^.^; I used a new poll system this time because the Blogspot default poll seemed to be buggier than a roach motel, so it didn't include an actual close date, but I do believe the poll has gotten all the entries it really needs for a clear answer.

It's all about the attitude, apparently. Poor boobs...
I've already gotten to work adding more variations for attitude to the game, largely focusing on variants for Lith's dominant side, as I assume that's what's drawn a lot of the vote ^.^; Work has been intermittent, and slogging through all the game's code making small changes here and there has always been slower work 6.6; The funny bit is, a lot of these changes will probably be unnoticeable on their own, but hopefully overall they'll make a noticeable change :3 Progress!


Also, if you're trying to catch other people in the chat window to the right, it may be a big help if you turn on the sound! ^.^; I didn't realize it myself until just recently, but the little triangle to the bottom left, just under the text entry box, is a sound toggle. The chat window will make a soft popping sound when someone else speaks, so you can leave the window open and know when someone else is around. I set it to turned off by default when I created it (and then forgot about it) because I didn't want this thing to be randomly making noises for people that just want to check out the rest of the blog 6.6; So, hopefully that helps! :3 Hope to have more news for you soon!

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