Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Stories?

Game development has been on a bit of a hiatus-- a cooldown, perhaps, after the frenzy leading up to release, while I tackled some of my other writing projects. I just released a commissioned sketch story on FA and SF on Monday, and an idea was mentioned on the forums.

I've considered discussing my other writing endeavors on the blog, or forming a separate blog, to help keep folks updated on my stories as an alternative to the standard furry sites. I'm uncertain how much interest, if any, there would be in such information, however-- indeed, I wouldn't want to clutter up the blog with news people aren't even interested in, when they're anxiously awaiting some sign of the next version's impending release. I also played with the idea of posting another mirror for my stories, either on the forum or on my website (once it becomes more than a blog), to possibly serve as a central hub for browsing and discussing my less interactive written works. As with many of these things, I allowed a mixture of shyness and skepticism to rein me in, and the ideas had been discarded.

But in the awkward interlude of silence, it occurs to me that news on other projects might not go entirely amiss with my readers and players, if only to show that the blog is alive, and perhaps to raise awareness of my other literary exploits. So I'll pose the question to you! Take the survey to the right if you dare, and we will see how much interest --or opposed interest-- is invested in expanding the blog's purpose and/or starting an independent archive for my stories. I have the final say on these things, of course-- but the purpose is to see what you all want! I wouldn't want to add all these things only to find it annoys more than helps, or that it goes entirely unnoticed. Tell me your thoughts! :3

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