Thursday, November 1, 2012

Streaming a commission Friday!

I know you check this blog always looking for more of MVOL, but before I can dive into the game again with good conscience, I absolutely must get back to work on my commissioned stories as well! I don't know if all of you were aware, but I was an erotic writer long before I was a game maker (see the "Other Places" tab for links to see for yourself) and as of this moment, this is the only work I've been doing that's actually paid, so I'd be grievously out of line to keep putting it off!

That said, I think you all may find it enjoyable ^.^ Theoretically, without coding and alternate scenes and terms to worry about, I should be able to write a bit more briskly, and you may be able to watch a full story unfold before your eyes. I'll be happy to discuss my work as we go, and if at some point I feel the need for a break, we may switch over to an interactive narrative, where you, the viewer, will choose the actions of the protagonist and see how the story unfolds! This will be something of a sketch experiment, but I'm hopeful it will be... interesting, if nothing else :3

But when will it be? Friday, of course! However, I've been getting the impression some of my would-be viewers, especially in non-US locations, may be having trouble with the time of day-- so I'm moving this stream forward two hours to 6 PM EST! Again, to check when that is, try this link!

The mind of a writer is a fickle thing, but I think I'm getting myself back where I need to be, bit by bit. Crushing guilt is next on the list, so let's clean house and have some dirty fun! :3 Come watch, show your support, and get some porn before anyone else!

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