Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Guide to This Blog

Not everybody seems to know what all is available on this blog, so I'd like to take a moment to outline the contents and make sure folks know what's available to them!

Main Navigation

Below the main header, you should see a series of tabs you can use for navigating the main content of the site. You might not see this if you're browsing by phone until you switch to the full web version!


This takes you to the main blog! You can see my latest blog post, and if you scroll down, you can see older stuff beyond it. At the bottom of each post is a link that you can use to comment on the post. Comments are always welcome, and while I might not respond, I make sure to read every one! If you're confused about something I said in my post or want to respond in some way, feel free!

Play the Game

This takes you to the download page for My Very Own Lith! I always keep the most up-to-date version here, and I may also include older versions at some point down the road. As of this post, I host my game on mediafire, so if you click the link directly, you can play on the web-- but you may be better served to right click>save as... to save the game to your computer! Be wary, though-- your save files are dependent on where you play. You'll have to either start over or find and copy over your files if you start playing from a folder on your computer!



This is where I discuss the future of MVOL with you, the players! I start with a list of a lot of the features I'm thinking about including in the game, and I welcome all of you to post suggestions for what you'd like to see in the comments! This game is a very personal project for me, and I've heard a lot of interesting ideas that just don't work for what I want MVOL to be, but sometimes, something fits just right, and I work it into my plans as I go along :3 If you've got a burning need to see something in the game, this is the place to speak up!

Lith and Lithier?

I know it's a bit confusing-- The main character of MVOL is named Lith, but the writer/coder behind it is called Lithier! We are, in fact, separate entities, though there's a lot that connects us. Learn more about exactly what's going on, here!

Help Out!

I've always been grateful for people's offers to help with the game-- and some kinds of help are more than welcome, while others just won't work because of the nature of the process. If you're interested in pitching in to help with the creation of MVOL in some way, this is the page for you! It describes what all help I could use with the project, and it links to my email half a dozen times to invite you to contact me!

Other Places

You might not have been aware, but I was an erotic writer long before I was an erotic game maker! I'm told my work is pretty good, but if you'd like to judge for yourself, I have links on this page to my FurAffinity and SoFurry accounts, where you can read virtually every story I've ever written for the furry fandom! I also have a list of links (very small as of this posting) for other places of note around the internet, where people may have similar projects of interest for you to peruse!

The Sidebar

To the right side of the page, you should see a column of extra bits that will show up on every page you go to on my blog! Again, this may not work on your phone.


I use this chat room to keep in touch with the visitors on my site moment to moment! I don't check it obsessively, but if you say something on there, I'll likely see it in a matter of hours, if not minutes. If I'm quick enough to notice, I may respond and we could have a little chat :3 I'm always happy to talk with fans and/or critics, and I'm also happy to see people socializing or discussing the game even without me. This is a space for any live discussion of what's going on or what's on your mind! Preferably involving the game in some way, but that's more a guideline than a rule.


A Survey

Next is the survey gizmo! As of this post, it's been acting rather defunct, so this unfortunately may not be persisting into the future, but I'm hopeful that Blogger will iron out the problem so that I can keep opening the floor to the input of all you blog-readers! I'd be delighted if each and every one of you commented with your thoughts and desires on the site, but a great deal of you seem to be shy, so this is your nice, quiet way of making sure your thoughts, at least on one subject at a time, are heard.


Recent Comments

This is how I keep track of activity on the blog! If you comment on anything, anywhere, it will show up here so folks can know where the action is. It never seems to move quickly enough! Although it does make me a little sad when people take the time to criticize each other on my blog. Save that criticism for my work! :D

Eastern Standard Time

If you're ever unsure what time it is in EST, the time I use for scheduling Livestream events and such, check this clock!


This is some sort of list of people that have deigned to attach themselves publicly to my blog! They're notified by some kind of witchcraft every time that I make a new blog post, the crafty creatures. This also includes options to become one of these crafty creatures yourself!

Follow by Email

Or if you want to be even more crafty, you can take this option to be notified in a clandestine fashion, without having your account blazoned across my front page!


This is where you can find a link to my very empty account page! Also, that crazy dog over there managed to get his name on my blog somehow. I can't get even get him to stop humping the furniture, I have no idea how to get him off my blog!

Blog Archive

Last but not least (that was the previous one) is the archive! Here, you can sniff out all my old blog posts, in case you want to see what was on my mind back at the very beginning of the blog, or somewhere in between. It's chronological! :D

And that's the entirety of my blog at this point! I may add more later, but if none of this was news to you, I just wasted ten minutes of your time! If something here was new information, however, then cry out huzzah! For you've not only learned something, you've learned something about a pornographic blog! This is clearly a higher form of learning. Anyway! Thanks for taking the time to read my silly attempt to make people click buttons!

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