Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Livestream!

I haven't been very happy with this gap in my production-- when I'd just gotten the blog going properly and everything! There have been a lot of reasons behind my hiatus, some very good reasons, some not so great, but life is settling down (knock on wood) and I'm hoping to get back on the horse.

So, to simultaneously celebrate and enforce my return to MVOL, I'm going to host a Livestream event! For the first time, you'll be able to see the code behind the game you've played-- the code-savvy among you may pick up a few things about how the game is made, and the rest of you will have the chance to see what I'm writing up for v0.06 before anyone else! Plus, if and when I want to take a break from coding, I'll be offering up interviews: ask anything you want of Lith, or of me, Lithier, and we'll do our best to answer. Get to know the silly feline better than ever, and the full transcript of questions and answers will be posted to the blog after for posterity-- so start thinking on good questions!

But when is it happening? That's the tricky question-- one I want to ask you. It will start at eight in the evening EST, or 5 in the afternoon pacific time, and I expect to go three hours, perhaps longer. I know that Friday and Saturday are popular days, but there's also a lot of competition-- so, what night do YOU want to see this Livestream go down? The vote is up through Sunday! Anywhere from this coming Monday the 15th to Sunday the 21st. If this event is successful, I may make it a semi-regular addition to the site!

Show your support for the game. Get your burning questions answered. Get a peek backstage at the game's creation. Force me to write more MVOL! Livestream ho!

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