Saturday, November 3, 2018

v0.37 is Live!

Check the Play the Game tab above to download your own copy!

The last couple months on this project have kept me super busy! I just recently pushed out a ton of new rewards for my supporters on Patreon, including a huge archive of full-resolution art, new ways for supporters to speak up on what content should be added to the game, and an in-game hint map, which I'll be talking about more in a bit.

The new content in this update mainly features the addition of the other route for our first trip into the final chapter. The first trip is now complete, although when you finish, it makes heavy implications that Lith's behavior will change, and that hasn't been implemented yet. Hopefully in the next one! Also, thanks to the voters on my Patreon, I've finally added a scene for the Imitation Soda behind the Wooden Door for feline avatars.

Additionally, two new pieces of art have been added. One can be found at a moment when you are perhaps at your kindest with Lith, and the other at a moment when you have, perhaps, forsaken him to fulfill your own desires.

Lastly, v0.37 introduces the introduction of a big new feature! It's still a prototype, but I believe I've worked out the majority of the bugs. From now on, as you play the game, it will remember not only every scene and every significant variation on that scene that you've played through in this file, but also in every file. You can access this data in the Deluxe version of the game given to mid-level supporters on my Patreon, where it will be rendered in what I like to call a Completionist's Map.

The Map will seem cryptic at first, and it will never spell everything out for you, but it will provide you with clues to what sections of the game you've fully explored and what sections still hold many secrets from you. You'll never be able to see everything in one playthrough, but with this map, you'll be able to say with confidence that you've explored all the worthwhile content the game has to offer.

It doesn't track every tiny variant, of course-- some scenes are only somewhat different if you happen to have one piece of anatomy or another, but I marked each variant I felt was significant. I hope that with this, my most devoted players will be a little less frustrated and a little more engaged in playing through the game finding those last hidden bits.

There are still more rewards on the way-- in the near future, I hope to offer my high-tier Patrons a more extensive suite of cheats, and the Map itself will become not just a bookkeeper but a portal. They will be able to click any scene and go there instantly! If you'd like more details about all the new rewards, I'd encourage you to check out my post here.

Adding all this has been a ton of work, and there's more to be done still. It's been exhausting, but I've been happy to see a jump in support in response, which is just what I was hoping for. I'm still settling in in Portland, I've got a lot of new bills to deal with, and it's thanks to you guys that I can make ends meet here.

So thank you, everyone, for your support, and for playing my game, and for reading all my rambling! I hope you enjoy the new update!


  1. I'm unable to load saves from the previous version with this one. Trying to load an old save from the main menu does nothing, and, oddly, trying to load a save "in-game" just loads some of the "stats" (points, nice&naughtiness) from that save and nothing else.

    1. In case you didn't see, that was a big ol' bug I've since fixed and uploaded ^.^; Thanks for reporting!

  2. I still haven't found the new art. Could I get a hint to the time I should focus my efforts like pre-collar, doors or something like that?