Saturday, January 5, 2019

v0.38 is Live!

Looking for the game? Go to the Play the Game tab above!

This update has been a big ol' bag of smaller things! First off, a warning: the side story behind the Wooden Door has finally reached its big conclusion, but some of the content can be very disturbing. It's pretty clearly marked when it's gonna get into that, just be aware going in.

That segment is the biggest chunk of new writing in this one. Besides that, thanks to my voters on Patreon, a new, alternate sex scene has been written in for a snuggle scene to accommodate Avatars without certain equipment that have driven Lith to develop a certain attitude. I'd describe it as short but sweet.

The third note as far as written content is that I've finally gone through and started adding alternates to early game content to reflect Lith's "new attitude" after your first taste of the game's final chapter. I'm probably going to add more later, but between this and the next note, you may find you have decent reason to try going back through some of the old content.

Another feature I've been working toward for some time has finally come to fruition in this update! This one proved more technically challenging than it probably should have, and commissioning all the art just right was surprisingly difficult, but now, Lith has a series of faces with which to "react" to the game's content! These will change as you're scrolling through some scenes to help "set the mood" as things progress. I've only implemented these in the first half of the game for now, and I'm hoping to commission some more faces to fill a few gaps I hadn't foreseen, so keep an eye out for more developments with these!

On top of that, I've commissioned faces for our new friends through the Glass Door. These come with a few different versions, and I hope you'll find they make your visit all the richer an experience!

I'm counting all these little faces and such I've commissioned as one "piece of art" for this version. The other is actually fairly related-- this lovely lady got a lot of art in this update...

So besides the big conclusion to the game's main sidequest, the new snuggle scene, the attitude variants sprinkled around, the new scrolling reaction faces, the Glass Door portraits, and the new art, there was one more thing taking up a lot of my time with this update.

With the last update, I added the Completionist's Map to the game. This is a mid-tier Patreon reward that basically shows a fairly cryptic map of the entire game's contents-- every scene and every significant variant. When you start, it's all marked undiscovered, but when you find the scene, it's marked on there, both for whether you've seen it on this playthrough and if you've ever seen it in any of your playthroughs. This lets you get a real idea of how much game is left to discover, and roughly where you might find more, without spoiling anything.

Well! With this update, I made the next big step in improving this Map. For high-tier supporters, the Completionist's Map now acts like a gateway: you can click on any spot in the game, discovered or not, and the game will "teleport" you right into that moment. Have a favorite scene? Or ten? Figure out where they are on the map, and you'll be able to visit them anytime, from any save file, or even from the main menu. Can't figure out what that one undiscovered scene on the map is? Teleporting there won't "discover" it for you, but it will probably give you a big clue as to how to find the scene for yourself...

This was a lot of work, but I think it will be a great feature for people that really want to get all they can out of My Very Own Lith. It's already been a big help for me with testing new scenes more quickly and easily, and I hope my supporters will really enjoy using it.

And that wraps it up for this update! I've still got a lot more on my to-do list for ramping up MVOL to where it needs to be for the promises I've made on Patreon, but hopefully once I've finished upgrading things it'll be pretty self-sufficient from there and not take up too much of my time from finishing the game's actual content.

Thanks for reading all this, and for playing my game! Oh, and happy new year!


  1. Howdy! So I tried downloading the android apk for MVOL v0.38 but the file doesn't seem to work. Is there anyway to fix this or do I have to wait for the next update? If so I don't mind, I lo e seeing how far this game has progressed and I'm excited to see what is in store!

    1. The Android port requires Adobe Air, which was recently taken off of the Play store. You should be able to google it and pick a site you trust to download it from, install it, then the game should work ^.^; Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Will there ever be a version that runs on OpenBSD? Adobe Flash isn't available for OpenBSD.

    1. I've never heard of that ^.^; My first guess would be that you could try finding an emulator like Bootcamp to give you access to more games and such in general? Second would be that if you have an Android cell phone, you can download the Android version to play instead.

      I am in contact with someone about possibly making an html version of the game down the road, but I can't promise anything at this point ^.^;