Saturday, May 5, 2018

v0.34 is Live!

Go to the Play the Game tab above to play it now!

With this release, at last, the Glass Door is complete! I may be adjusting a few things and polishing it up later, but it is now content-complete according to my original big plan for it. The new content for this update may actually be a little unintuitive to find: it's not a new choice for you. Until now, Lith always chose to go after Amelia, but now, he can make his own choice-- but you can influence it through the actions you take during earlier trips through the Glass Door. This gives you access to one big new sex scene and one alternative sex scene, along with some smaller bits of content here and there.

The new art this month is actually one piece that I'm counting as a double for how expensive and labor-intensive it was pulling it off. It's very easy to find and it probably won't look all that impressive on its own, but it is probably the single piece of art that's added the most to the game's filesize and detracted the most from my sanity getting it all working properly. Hopefully you can guess why when you see it!

Simple enough update this time around. From here, I'll be working on some side content for the game while getting ready to start the final chapter of the game's story. I've been looking forward to this part of the game for a long time, and I'm almost scared I won't be able to pull it off well enough to satisfy everything I've got packed together inside me waiting for this final chapter. It's been such a long time since I decided I wanted to do this, and I've been thinking about it, trying to build everything toward it since the beginning of the Stone Door. An embarrassingly long time...

I'll be getting started on that soon, though. For now, I hope you guys enjoy our last moments with these two, and that you're excited for the side content coming up soon! I know at least one area that really needs filling out and that some people will be pretty excited about...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Gonna look forward to hunting down that new art

  2. "I know at least one area that really needs filling out and that some people will be pretty excited about..."

    I hope you're talking about what I think you're talking about. If so, I definitely have something to look forward to now.

  3. I've been playing with Lith for the past few days. By far MVOL has the best writing of any adult game out there. Thanks for writing with such care and passion Lithier!

  4. I just want more Ruin-like scenarios... :-)

  5. You may have been asked this before, but I would love to see a new collar added for the player to wear if you go for a dom lith path. It would be interesting to see how lith behaves if he/she acts as a dom more often in dialogue and what the door events would be like. I understand that would take a long time to add such events, but really me and everyone else would gladly wait for it to come out if you do decide to add it. Ether way I love your content and give a shout out to you and everyone who worked hard to bring us this game to where it is today. Looking forward to what else you guys bring.

    1. ^This. It would be awesome if dom Lith was more comprehensive throughout the game. I get that it's more of a 'side-thing', but it would be pretty neat if the impact of his dominance was more noticeable. Like if sometimes when the player tries to interact with him (i.e. - pet him, talk to him, or whatever), Lith will interrupt and tell the player that he wants to have some fun and tells them to get on their knees or bend over. I suppose he would only do something like that while you've got him horny, and even then it would be a random occurrence. Maybe his dominance could also be reflected with some small variations in the dialogue too.

  6. I think a collar would be a good way of doing it. We've already got the collars Lith can wear that represent your relationship. You can only choose one of those and your decision can't be reversed. Maybe with Dom-Lith the player is given the option to put on a separate collar that officially makes them his bitch (in that it can't be taken off once it's put on). With the collar on, Lith's dominance would be locked and wouldn't degrade like it normally would. The player would also be locked out of options in which they take control; being limited only to the options that are neutral or feature Dom-Lith.