Friday, October 23, 2015

Ready to Discuss!

I got some positive feedback for setting up a place to discuss MVOL scene-by-scene, so I've gone ahead and set up a subforum for it! You can find it here, on the MVOL forum, though the age screen may send you to the main page. You can either click the link again after accepting, or just find it under "MVOL Discussion" in the subforum "Scene Discussion." I've only posted two scenes so far, as I thought it would help to try and start a little focused in, try to get a little conversation going, then add more scenes over time.

Each scene is posted with a full transcript of a sort of "default playthrough," and also comes with some commentary and explanation from me on what was intended and what I worry may have gone wrong with the scene. I hope this can serve as a little bit of a prompt to get people to share their own thoughts on the scenes-- how they felt first reading them, whether I succeeded in what I was going for or if I was right to be worried, things like that. Any discussion about the scene itself, how it's written and how it fits into the game is welcome. Just please remember that discussing how to find scenes or do things in the game goes in the Guides & Help subforum ^.^; Anyway, if you're at all interested, please come join us and share your thoughts! I've opened up with two of the big "introductory" scenes in the game: the opening moments of the game itself, and your first time entering the stone door for the blue collar.

And in other news, To Own a Wolf, Chapter One is finally complete once more on Amazon Kindle! I did run into a content block one more time-- strangely, the only part I'd returned to the description that time around was the praise from readers. Very confusing. But I'm just glad to have this behind us! Hopefully, this means I'll finally be able to post my first brand-new, eBook exclusive story next week! Stay tuned for news there!

Lastly, you may be interested to know that I've joined a friend of mine, Nich, in producing a few Let's Play's for perverted games! We're talking about doing a Let's Play of MVOL later, if that would even work for a text-based game, but we've started by playing around with a couple goofy flash games about molesting sleeping furries. Apparently Nich didn't have any friends to do furry porn games with, so he was stuck with boring skin people games. We had a lot of fun, though I kinda feel bad making fun of somebody else's game ^.^; Anyway, if you've ever been curious what I sound like spouting dirty jokes and pop culture references while sexually tormenting birds and wolves (and if so, holy cow, what?) then you're in luck! Come check it out! Just look for the ones with "sleep" in the title. Also, furries on the thumbnail will probably help tip you off.

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