Friday, January 2, 2015

A Final Story

If you haven't seen it, MVOL v0.15 is live! Go play it!

After a horribly long wait, I've finally completed the last of my commissions. I guess this is a big month for me, I've completed a lot of things that have been hanging over my head! You can read the conclusion to Sinister's commissioned series, which acts as something of a cap for both The Girls' and A Learning Experience, either on my SoFurry or FurAffinity. Both series are pretty smutty celebrations of ladies with dicks and the things they can do to a young man, so it's been a fun romp.

With that out of the way, I can finally move on to new things guilt-free! I've been working on the content for v0.16 slowly but steadily, adding a little bit every day. It's starting to look like it may actually be a more complicated and deep writing process than I'd originally anticipated-- it should be really rewarding to play, but dang, it's a bit daunting at the moment xP I'm considering how I can split it up into smaller chunks so I can just release part of it for v0.16 and give you all something decent to play sooner, and there aren't many easy answers, but I'll keep working on it!

Besides that, I've been stewing on the first big TagIt experiment. If you haven't seen, I closed the poll and the final results are up. I thought it over a while, and I actually realized it matched up fairly well with a concept I'd been playing around with in the back of my head for a looong time, so I think I can merge these tags with a fun and interesting concept to make a nice, worthwhile story! :3 It's awesome having so much to write about that I can really put my passion into, it's just tough deciding which to write about sometimes! xP

That's the news for now :3 I think next week, barring something else coming up, I'll try and finally put up the pro's and con's for the "Viral" game concept! Thanks for reading!

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