Friday, May 9, 2014

A Story and a Clarification

Hey, folks! I've been trying to keep myself writing every opportunity I get, even if I can't bring myself to work on the game. A lot of it is complete garbage or just me talking to myself, but it's important to keep in the habit of sitting down and trying. On the bright side, this has yielded at least some small fruit in the form of a peculiar story about a man and a creature that he is trying to figure out. It's pretty light on the sex, for reasons I mentioned in the last blog post, but if you guys are interested in seeing what's coming out of my head lately, I'd welcome you to have a look!


With that said, I'd like to take a moment to respond at large to a common sentiment my last blog post prompted. I've received several suggestions and even offers for taking on hands as writers for MVOL, and it's great to see support from my fans. But the fact remains that I hold this game to certain standards even stricter than those of my normal work.

It's not just a matter of quality. There are many writers out there that have more skill and talent than I, but in my estimation, nobody understands Lith as thoroughly as I do, largely because he is, in a way, a small part of me. You can read more about a lot of this in the FAQ section, by the way. My Very Own Lith is a game about Lith as a person, and every scene is an expression of some part of him, a derivation of his personality, his flaws, and his conflicts. Just writing a sex scene isn't enough-- it has to have some significance, it has to "mean something," and of course, it's essential that it portrays Lith accurately in his actions and reactions every step of the way.

What this means is that I could never put a scene in this game that isn't set in the foundation of Lith's character from the very start, and to my knowledge, nobody could write such a scene but myself. It's a pretty stupid place to put myself in knowing how inconsistent I can be, but I hope dearly that the end result will be worth all the punishment on my end and the endless waiting on yours.

Actually, thinking about this has brought me to realize what part of my trouble with the new content may be-- in an attempt to generate content to answer many of my fans' requests, I've wandered further than ever from the "main goal" of the story, in a way. So I've been working over how to thread it back into Lith's identity, and I think I have a glimmer of how it might work. As ever, I'll keep working at it, and I hope you will all enjoy the final result enough for the wait to be worth it.

My thanks to everyone for your patience, and for taking the time to catch up with the project. I hope I'll have more news for you soon!

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