Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Games That Could Be

One of the funny parts of being a writer is that you get a lot of people offering you ideas. At least, it's funny to me-- I know some writers can have trouble coming up with something to write about, but for me, it's never been a problem. If anything, I often feel like I've become a writer primarily to express the endless series of ideas that swirl endlessly in my head-- to try to render them in perfect clarity such that others might enjoy them as much I have, and so that I can finally put that great mess of thoughts to rest, satisfied.

For every story I write, there are probably five waiting to be written. Similarly, as I've worked on My Very Own Lith, a broad array of ideas for other games have come to me, some of which I have, in my spare time, refined into full-fleshed concepts. Sometimes I find myself working out endless details against my own will, especially when I should be sleeping.

So I thought to myself, perhaps I should put some of these ideas "to paper," both to ease my mind and to see what others think of them. And as luck would have it, my poor blog is in need of content when I find myself falling into the miserable silence of the creator struggling with his work and his own self. This seems a natural place to share my concepts for games that I might make someday, perhaps after MVOL is complete, or perhaps as a side project, if others were interested in helping out. So keep an eye out, keen readers, for posts in the future discussing my ideas for Games that Could Be!


  1. I have a question: When will "vagina/nodick Lith" be added to the free version?

    1. I alternate in waves of updates for advancing the story vs. expanding the existing content in waves. So once I've reached a good stopping point for this batch of story updates, I'll return to expanding the game, which will probably include finishing up all the gender alternative stuff that's going to be added. I haven't forgotten you folks, you've made sure of that :3