Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Nasty Cold Later...

Hail! I was out of commission for about a week on account of spending every waking moment wishing I was asleep, and every sleeping moment wishing I could breathe, so yes, bit of a delay. But I've gotten some more work in! Enough, I believe to bump the progress bar up a notch.


The worst thing about these colds (or flu's, or whatever) is that they don't know when to go away. I could swear I've been past the worst of it for almost a week now, but I'm still all nasty and clogged up. Egh. Hope you guys are doing better out there! And here's another spoiler-ish, less depressing preview for the coming update!

I remember 'amateur magicians,' because it was like a double whammy of condescension. Magician is a nasty word at the college.

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  1. Why do the most harmless of illnesses always enjoy making you feel like death? It's just no fun.