Friday, July 12, 2013

v0.13 is Live!

With this, a wave of horizontal expansions on the game draw to a close! I'm done for the moment adding options and side content, and starting with the next update, we'll be jumping into the story! This update has a little bit of something for just about everyone as we wrap things up!

For those of the more female persuasion among you, be it in body or mind, vagina/nodick avatar support has been added to the game! You can now play a full herm or a regular woman, although I should note that if you choose not to have a dick, you won't have access to as many scenes. The black collar, for example, relies entirely on a scene that you can't access right now. I may expand V/ND avatar scenes later, but for now, I hope you enjoy hunting down the slightly less obvious hanky panky you can get up to with this new equipment :3 For a hint, I'll note that the more recently I wrote a scene, the more likely it is to include support for V/ND material from the getgo. I haven't been able to get excited about making Lith eat anyone out, but there should be at least a couple different chances for you to get something barbed and pokey in there.

For folks that prefer to keep the bulge in their pants, there's a final (for now) scene added to [Offer Yourself]! This is the hardest outcome to get, or rather, the hardest to find, so I've gone ahead and added a brief addendum to Petre's Guides to help out with this side of things, now that it's completed.

For those of you that are big on getting dominated, Lith now has several subtle changes to his attitude strewn throughout the game, so that when you interact with him, he'll act a bit more confident if you've brought out his dominant side.

And for those of you that enjoy a challenge, I've brought back player achievements for this version! See if you can find every scene in the game with Cover to Cover-- and, as a new addition to complement that, I've added Even the Footnotes. MVOL has always had a lot of scenes with alternate outcomes and bits that switch out, but [Offer Yourself] is the most extreme example of that so far. So, to make sure you've seen everything the game has to offer, I've gone through and bookmarked a total of 37 outcomes with at least a paragraph of text that you might not see on a normal playthrough! If you really want to challenge yourself to hunt down every hidden bit this game has to offer, this is the achievement for you! Around 15 of them are from [Offer Yourself] as well.

And finally, for those of you that feel like donating, v0.13+ features Vagina/Nodick content for Lith herself! Including an alternate for the brand new [Offer Yourself] scene... Also, there are two snippets of content you can hunt for to get a peek at the story content coming in future updates! One is the next stage in Lith's story, and the other is a very strange offshoot, which you can unlock in an alternative to the first... And, finally, I've upgraded the cheats included a little to make them have a more dramatic effect.

So far as I can recall, that should cover the changes I've made with v0.13! I've probably poked and adjusted a few things here and there besides, so you never know :3 Hope you all enjoy!

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